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Stone me! Bathbombs, puppets, dribbles and Little Dancers!

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Ronnie Wood Sketch

Musician,artist and printmaker  Ronnie Wood, who plays with the Rolling Stones (and has also played with The Faces, and the Jeff Beck Group) trained at Ealing Art College. His new exhibition, called ‘Time and Places’ will showcase 100 pieces of his work, including paintings of Jimi Hendrix, Slash and portraits of friends and family.  It shall run 7 – 12th November Cork Street, Mayfair. London.  Wood had this to say about his work:-

“People don’t know that I’m an artist. Playing music as part of a team effort is wonderful, but to express individuality as an artist is very personal. Art is more powerful, a more personal statement.”

 Creativity is creativity, but I take his point about personal expression and the need for own space to indulge this.  A group of artists can all bounce off each other and feed off ideas, each with their individual interpretation, – the inner journey must be solitary though.




Meanwhile, it’s nearly that time again.  No not Bonfire night – The Annual Turner Prize is nearly upon us.  love it or hate it, The Turner Prize has attracted controversy since it began back in 1984 to celebrate new developments in contemporary art.  Contenders have to have had outstanding exhibitions – and be under 50.

This year the exhibition will be held in the wonder BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts Gateshead.  This is a wonderful venue – a large and airy space  which used to be an old flour mill (see my review of this arts centre from when we visited – here)  The contenders for the Turner Prize this year are;-

Karla Black         


Martin Boyce
Hilary Lloyd
George Shaw

I shall be reviewing the other contenders in a later post, but my attention was drawn to the strange media of artist Karla Black – obviously a person after my heart where diverse media is concerned.  Whilst I have ground soft pastels mixed with polyfiller, and have flirted with latex, recycled acrylic scraps, Black uses crushed bath bombs (must smell wonderful!) foodstuffs and even medicines to make her sculptures.  Heavily influenced by psychoanalysis, she states;-

‘While there are ideas about psychological and emotional developmental processes held within the sculptures I make, the things themselves are actual physical explorations into thinking, feeling, communicating and relating’.

There’s a good review of this artist, image from here   If you want to see some of my painterly ‘recipes’ please look in my Categories MY SURFACES.  Here’s one I did earlier ‘Brown Sauce meets Latex’

This TV built 1936 was still going in 2009 please read the link below

Age is a dichotomy in many ways,on the one hand, nothing much surprises me any more – yet on the other there is still a yearning to believe in somethings and I still feel a childlike disappointment when they turn out to be wrong.  For instance, I find it very very difficult to believe that television is 75 years old today!  It seems only yesterday when I was told to see if there was any mail, went downstairs and saw a television showing a children’s programme in black and white.  I had never seen a television before – so you can imagine….  I was watching Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men – and they spoke my language ūüôā   Bill and Ben, along with Andy Pandy, The Woodentops and many more were part of the Watch with Mother series.  BBC Watch with Mother ran from 1952 –  about 1965 when it was replaced by other children’s programmes like Camberwick Green, Pogles Wood and Trumpton.  Here’s a very early episode from Bill and Ben (Thanks to ) :-

Also in the news is the famous Little Dancer, the bronze ballerina made

The Little Dancer

by French Impressionist Edgar Degas.  The bronze sculpture, stands 40 inches in height and  wearing a silk hair ribbon and satin tutu failed to sell at Christie’s New York.  The ‘Little Dancer aged 14’  had a pre sale estimate of between $25 million to $35 million.  Degas’s heirs had 28 bronzes cast from the original which was made from tinted wax.  Whilst I find it difficult to believe that there was no buyer for such an iconic work – on the other hand, the price tag is a bit on the high side…..

Whilst the ‘Little Dancer’ is at least a bronze, Jackson Pollock’s No.5 1948 painting sold at for $140 million in a private sale in 2006.  The painting measures  8ft x 4ft and is on a sheet of fibreboard.  Quality versus quantity?  Not necessarily – take a look at the rest of the worlds most expensive paintings here.  Perhaps, in the end, a painting is only worth the price someone is willing to pay for it?

Ronnie Wood related link and painting from here

Television image and article (from 2009) is this TV still going now I wonder? read here

BBC first broadcast info here

Degas image and more information here

Art I LOVE ‚Äď Billy Childish

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Billy Childish


I first discovered Billy Childish a few years ago when I was researching an essay I was doing , entitled ‘Rage against the Machine’.¬† The essay was about artists who had raged against the ‘art machine’ and railed against the establishment.¬†¬†

Guardian announcing the screening tour for the film 

The artists included The KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) anarchic situationist who burnt money (literally).   Quote by Couty;- 

”¬†think we made about ¬£6m. We paid nearly half that in tax¬†and spent the rest on production costs.When we stopped, the production costs stopped too, so over the next few months we amassed a surplus of cash still coming in from record sales; this amounted to about ¬£1.8m. After tax we were left with about ¬£1m. This was the money that later became the K Foundation fund for the ‘advancement of kreation.”¬†

Guerrilla Girls poster


 The Guerrrilla Girls, masked artists who make their protests known in galleries by putting up slogans (sometimes with statistics) whose aim is more recognition for women artists.  They still get up to all sorts of activities to make their point.  

¬†Banksy¬†the masked graffiti artist, who I’ve already wrote about here, has become very collectable now and can fill a gallery legally (as opposed to sneaking in and hanging a piece of his own art there surreptitiously)

Consumer Jesus by Banksy..what Christmas is all about?


and the Stuckists (co-founded by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish in 1999, though Childish left in 2001).  The Stuckists turn up at the annual Turner Prize to make their protests about the art school/machine process and elitism. 

A Stuckist protest


The term ‘Stuckist’ comes from a remark from the then girlfriend of Billy Childish Tracy Emin who accused Childish’s work of being ‘stuck, stuck, stuck’ – and the name stuck:)¬†

Childish oil


Childish left school at 16, an undiagnosed dyslexic.¬† He studied art at St Martins college of Arts, london in 1977 but walk ed out after half a term.¬† He went on the Dole and painted until 1979.¬† He reapplied¬†to St Martin’s in 1980.¬† He was there for 18 months but got expelled because he refused to paint in the school, preferring to work at home.¬† Plus according to him ‘they didn’t like his poems’….¬† Childish has always maintained that art school stifles creativity.¬† He did block printing with Tracey Emin in Maidstone.

One of many albums


His work is autobiographical and he says he is an anti-hero.  As an artist, he is prolific.  He has made over a hundred albums, many books of poetry, autobiographical, fiction.  He has produced countless paintings and woodblock prints Рyet terms himself as a Sunday painter. 

we saw this one at the exhibition


¬†His work has a charm all its own and is in the tradition of Van Gogh.¬† It’s the basic honesty and lack of pretense that I like the best as well as the painterly qualities.¬† He does it because he LOVES it.¬† He doesn’t strive – he just does.

..and this one


Billy Childish 'son of art'


When we were in London we were in time to see the last day of his exhibition at the ICA.¬† it was the first time we’d been to that place.¬† it is a massive place – very modern inside and nice spaces.¬† An ideal venue and setting for contemporary art.¬† The first thing I noticed about the paintings, is that they are done¬†on unprimed canvas!¬† He doesn’t waste any time in priming them.¬† You can actually smell these paintings, like they have only just been finished – there’s a smell of turps and oil that exudes from them. Here is a short film about Childish, it features his paintings, him actually painting and he talks about his work.¬† If you like this artist there are a lot of his films on YouTube¬†


KLF  info here 

Guerrrilla Girls info here 

Lots of Banksy images here website here

History of the Stuckists here 

Stuckists and the Turner Prize demos here, image from here, Childish oil from here with article

son of art image from here

Childish website with lots of his work here

The you tube video by h4huggy thanks:)

The Turner Prize 2009: Will it be a Turn Up?

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This Post is one in a special week celebrating  Echostains I year Birthday blog

Martin Creed minimalist art

It’s nearly that time again: the controversial Turner prize winner will be announced on December 7th.¬† I have only ever been to one Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain.¬† It was the year that Martin Creed won (2001).¬† Martin Creed, the one with the light that went on and off…….¬† We bounded across a large empty room, like a pack of marauding Wilderbeeasts, a light went on….then it went off.¬† Before this I had been in the cellar looking at a whole world that¬† Mike Nelson had created out of rubbish.

Lucy Skaer

This year the nominees are; Enrico David, Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer and¬† Richard Wright.¬† I have to say I don’t know any of these artists work.¬† From the bits I have read though,¬† Lucy Skaer’s Black Alphabet sounds intriguing – only it’s not an actual alphabet…from what I can gather, it’s Brancusi ‘s Bird in Space (1922) cast in cold dust and resin, multiplied¬† to resemble weird letters.¬† I would like to see this in real life.


Roger Hiorns has reconstructed a councilflat¬† encrusted full of crystal surfaces, that he hasn’t actually constructed¬†¬†yet…a tad complicated, you will have to read about it yourself, as I’m not sure I can grasp the concept.¬†

Turner-Prize-09- Wright

Now Richard Wright’s work sounds quite good.¬† He’s done a fresco full of baroque, angel wings, lots of¬†gold and surface stains that¬†resemble Rorschach blobs (and you know how much I LOVE those!)


Enrico Davod’s work is billed as a kind of surrealism with stuffed paper mache figures against black backgrounds.¬† Probably fun, but it doesn’t interest me.¬† I need to actually SEE these exhibits really to make a judgement.¬† I’ve absolutely no chance of this as it’s much too near Christmas (though we went to London around this time last year).¬† I shall have to watch it on TV like everyone else, and complain that the wrong man¬† (or woman) won it.
Read all about it HERE