Stone me! Bathbombs, puppets, dribbles and Little Dancers!

Musician,artist and printmaker  Ronnie Wood, who plays with the Rolling Stones (and has also played with The Faces, and the Jeff Beck Group) trained at Ealing Art College. His new exhibition, called ‘Time and Places’ will showcase 100 pieces of his work, including paintings of Jimi Hendrix, Slash and portraits of friends and family.  It shall run 7Continue reading “Stone me! Bathbombs, puppets, dribbles and Little Dancers!”

Art I LOVE – Billy Childish

    I first discovered Billy Childish a few years ago when I was researching an essay I was doing , entitled ‘Rage against the Machine’.  The essay was about artists who had raged against the ‘art machine’ and railed against the establishment.     The artists included The KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) anarchic situationist whoContinue reading “Art I LOVE – Billy Childish”

The Turner Prize 2009: Will it be a Turn Up?

This Post is one in a special week celebrating  Echostains I year Birthday blog It’s nearly that time again: the controversial Turner prize winner will be announced on December 7th.  I have only ever been to one Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain.  It was the year that Martin Creed won (2001).  Martin Creed, theContinue reading “The Turner Prize 2009: Will it be a Turn Up?”