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The Titanic – Gone but never forgotton

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Titanic postcard an artists view

Today is the sad anniversary of when the famous liner ‘The Titanic’ hit an iceberg and sank 225 miles off the coast of Newfoundland.  She hit the iceberg shortly before midnight on the 14th April and sank two hours later 98 years ago. Too much has already been written about this famous ship, her story is both tragic and sadly true.   She was one of three sister ships – the others being the Olympia and the Britannia.  She started life in a Belfast shipyard (Harland and Wolff) and was the largest passenger ship in the world at that time.  Ironically she was advertised as unsinkable.

This short video is very sensitively made and contains original images and photgraphs.  Warning:  You will be moved and the music is beautiful too.

The Titanic was the epitome of luxury, boasting an on board  swimming pool, a gymnasium, Turkish bath and even an electric bath – all for the First Class passengers.  The furniture, decorations and design of the luxury cabins in addition to Parisian cousine must have been so tempting for the wealthy and even the Second and Third Class passengers didn’t have it so bad.

grand dome recreation

skylight from one of Titanic's two famous Grand staircases

There have been many artifacts displayed from the Titanic.  But in essence, the actual site is a graveyard.  All those people met their fate in that dark watery place on 15th April 1912.  Robert D.  Ballard who found the wreck was astounded by the mass of objects lieing on the ocean floor, shoes, combs, champagne bottles, still corked. 

footwear from the titanic

A lot of the artifacts have  been salvaged by a private company.  the wreck has been filmed, dived upon and they even tried to raise it.  Yet still it retains its secrets. We will never know whose feet those shoes were on, or which childs hair was combed with one of these broken artifacts.  It would be perhaps fitting that these people should be left in peace, but human nature being what it is – the need to know, the need to see these things  will always be prevalent.  1517 passengers died but only 306 bodies were recovered, the largest number of survivors being of the First Class rank.

Captain E J Smith

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Titanic post card from here

Incoming traffic? Seems like theres no parking here



Well this is my 80th post in  82 days.  I can’t understand why I’m not getting more traffic.  I have followed the advice to blog every day, and I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I ENJOY doing it, but it’s a bit disheartening when I’ve put time and effort into a post and I don’t get many hits, knowing that it will soon be relegated into my archives, never to see the light of day probably ever again. 

titanic-collage 2003

titanic-collage 2003


But perversity is my middle name, so I plod on…and on and on and on.  The collage  was made with tissue on silver card, the scratching, a form of communication: the lights from life reflected into the darkness.  Well, that cheered me up lol!

Altered art book: page 14 Helsinki not ducked nor flinched from

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page-14-altered art book helsinki





page-14-altered art book helsinki


‘And they’d duck and flinch’

This page really stumped me!  Why had I chosen those words?  What did I know about Helsinki?  Why was I attracted by this word?  I had no alternative but to bite the bullet and follow the words I had chosen a couple of years ago.  When I chose the words originally, I thought of ships sinking, probably the Titanic.  I think the stamped star was going to be a ships wheel.  However, I looked at some Google images and painted a small water colour of HELSINKI!  I then decided to research some Finnish artists: I found a few.  



 One of them, that some call the  Father of Modernism is Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto, b. 1898 – 1976, a Finnish architect whose work incuded glassware, painting, architecture and furniture.  He liked to experiment with materials: bending wood to form his famous Paimio cantilevered chair, originally designed for tuberculosis suffers.







Another Finnish artist, Helene Schjerfbeck (b.1862 -1946), was known mostly for her self portraits, painting 36 of them during her lifetime.  This one is from 1939 the year war broke out.







Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala (b. 1915 -1985) worked as a graphic designer and sculpter and was also an industrialised designer.  His organic vase designs look like sculpture.  His hand blown vase with flared rim, called ‘Kanterelli’ was made for Littala who produced various models of these vases from 1947 – 1960.  These small bowls, silver plate over brass with incised design are by Wirkkala.

Well I still don’t know where Helsinki came from, BUT I didn’t duck it and I didn’t flinch, lol!







The finished pages 13 and 14, which proved the most difficult to do.  I wonder what lies ahead……..

 Media used: ink, watercolour, paper, rubber stamp