Yes that’s right!  This is my 300th post since I began blogging on 28th November 2008!  What on earth have I found to blog  about every day? (well very nearly every day).  Well some days lots and other days, not so much.  But I have got into a routine now and I don’t want to spoilContinue reading “My 300th Post! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

One Week – A summing up

Well that time has come around yet again.  It’s Saturday evening when I’m typing this, but you’ll be (hopefully) reading this on Sunday, thanks to the scheduling tool.  As usual it’s a quick one as I have to work.  So really just a quick summing up of the week. Mr Von Grosny lets us knowContinue reading “One Week – A summing up”

Its Time for a Teapot or Two..or Three (again)

I am absolutley FUMING!  I have just typed quite a bit about 3 teapots and they have disappeared!  When I pressed the preview, all I got was the title!  The images had gone, the words had gone and I’m nearly gone (off my head!)  How frustrating is that?  Second try….. Tension Tamer Teapot Tote IreneContinue reading “Its Time for a Teapot or Two..or Three (again)”

Tea Shall be Served…When the Fat Lady Sings

I was rather taken with this unusual teapot by ceramicist Robbie Bell.  It’s called ‘When the Fat Lady sings’ from ‘The Speckled Dog’ Pottery’.  I love the colours that have been used here, they’re fresh,  frothy and whimsical, nodding at nostalgic, yet contemporary with a hint of fun!  You can tell that the Fat lady lovesContinue reading “Tea Shall be Served…When the Fat Lady Sings”

Take a Break – It’s Sunday!

As usual it’s that time again.  I have been so busy today that I’m writing this fairly late, though I’m scheduling.  I have loads to write about next week, Bronte stuff, teapots and Favorite art……………… and I’m sure there’s a certain artist’s birthday coming up that I want to celebrate…

My 252nd Post: Hows it going?

Well It’s my 252nd post.   Since starting on 29th November 2008, I have only missed 6 days.  I am doing a lot of art or design related posts and have introduced new categories. Still stuck on my altered book and need to put more Transcription on.  But I have now got my Newcastle trip toContinue reading “My 252nd Post: Hows it going?”

Teapots – A Home for birds? An Excuse for a Party? Or the Watched Kettle which never boils.

    There’s a whole lot of serious teapot here!   This teapot looks like it doubles up as a kettle as well.  It;s got a bit of a billie can feel to it: waltzing Matilda anyone? Absolutely LOVE this Boston Tea Party pot!  (what a swell party that WAS….) It looks like it’s been cobbled togetherContinue reading “Teapots – A Home for birds? An Excuse for a Party? Or the Watched Kettle which never boils.”