‘Let them eat and drink cake!’

 Just a quick post tonight.  I know it’s not Spring – nor anywhere near it, but I just couldn’t wait to show you this lovely teapot made of cake!  I’ve seen teapot biscuits but I’ve never seen teapot cakes before.  If you would like to make  this one, have a look here.  This is anContinue reading “‘Let them eat and drink cake!’”

‘Teapots to have, to hold and to stroke’

 One of German born Surrealist Meret Oppenheim’s most famous pieces is this fur teacup and saucer.  Apparently she got the idea from Picasso who remarked when they were having tea together that anything could be covered with fur.  She obliged by producing the cup saucer and spoon.  the surrealist like to subvert incongruous texture and objects. Continue reading “‘Teapots to have, to hold and to stroke’”

Really Useful Chocolate Teapots

I’ve not put any teapots on for quite a while now.  That doesn’t mean I’ve gone off them.  It just means it’s getting harder to find really unusaul ones.  But, here’s a collection of Chocloate ones, that are about as much use as a  – well chocolate teapot!  Bet they taste good too.  Buy HEREContinue reading “Really Useful Chocolate Teapots”

Tea and teapots: A Refresher Course

I spotted this video from 1941 which I thought was so comforting and nostalgic (even though I wasn’t around at the time  – so I don’t quite know how the nostalgic bit quite works…)  Though I have lots of teapots, I still make tea with the teabag in the cup.  So it’s time for aContinue reading “Tea and teapots: A Refresher Course”

Teapots: Stairway to Teapot Heaven

Just a quick little post tonight.  I came across this stairway made of teapots!   Well, it’s not just teapots it’s made of, there are many chards of pottery and ceramics in the mix. Also by the same person, this  colourful ‘Woodland couple’.  I love the simplicity and the country inspired  glazes of this sort ofContinue reading “Teapots: Stairway to Teapot Heaven”

Teapots: From Wild Goat to He Goat: From Dada to Goya

 This strange , organic teapot really captured my imagination . This Raku ceramic, called  ‘Wild Goat teapot – Homage to Paul Soldner’  is by Nina de Creeft Ward from The Beatrice Wood Centre for the Arts.  I don’t know who Paul Soldner is, I just hope he was pleased with the wild goat reference!  This teapot reminded me ofContinue reading “Teapots: From Wild Goat to He Goat: From Dada to Goya”

Take a Tea Break:Tea Runs Rings around Me

I’ve not put any teapots on my blog for a while.  I have been looking at them though and found several new interesting ones.  This teapot with six ring infinity is more of a teapot metaphor than an actual teapot.   I love the indulating way the ceramic snakes and meanders, tracing the shape.  Sherman exploresContinue reading “Take a Tea Break:Tea Runs Rings around Me”

300 Posts and Still Celebrating!

Let the celebrations continue – that’s what I say!  Amongst my categories are ‘Potty about Teapots’, this is where I try to find unusual teapots that have particularly unusual and aesthetically pleasing designs (in my opinion), or they are made from unusual materials.  ‘Bronte Bites’ are little snippets about the Bronte’s that I find interesting. Continue reading “300 Posts and Still Celebrating!”