Happy Birthday Man Ray!

It’s American Surrealist photographer Man Ray’s birthday today.  Born in 1890 -1976: original name Emmanuel Radnitzky, is best known for his work as a photographer though he thought of himself as a painter. He contributed to the Surrealist and Dada movements and was reknown as a fashion and portrait photographer.  He liked to refer to  theseContinue reading “Happy Birthday Man Ray!”

Happy Birthday Marcel Duchamp! Better Late than Never…

Yesterday was the birthday of French artist Marcel Duchamp (b.1887 – 1968).  He is said to be the inventer of conceptual art.  When he submitted ‘Fountain‘, a urinal to The Society of Independent Artist in 1917 signing it R. Mutt and displaying it as art, this had an immediate effect…. and art was never the same again. He  was aContinue reading “Happy Birthday Marcel Duchamp! Better Late than Never…”

‘Happy Birthday Dear Dali!’

It’s legendary artist Salvador Dali’s birthday today!  He would have celebrated his 105th birthday (and been in the Guinness Book of Records) is he’d have lived!  He died in Figueres Spain (his birthplace) of heart failure in 1989, aged 84. He is in my opinion the  personification of a painter: talented, original and as madContinue reading “‘Happy Birthday Dear Dali!’”

The Bride keeps her Clothes on after all these years

I found this writing I did a few years ago when I was in my Foundation years at Uni. ‘Art and the Subconscious’ “The French writer Andre Breton wrote his first Manifesto in 1924.  Its main objective being to ‘express verbally or by other means the actual functioning of thought – in the absense ofContinue reading “The Bride keeps her Clothes on after all these years”

Altered book page 10 Freefalling Snake in the Grass

page-10-Altered art book Continuing over from page 9 with the pink pearlised ink, the words: – Booby trapped shows a drawing of a foot treading unwaringly on a hidden bomb.  Life is a time bomb really if you think about it; ready to go off at any moment.  Then it’s all over: that’s it really. Continue reading “Altered book page 10 Freefalling Snake in the Grass”