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Valentine – what a Saint!

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I love this valentine!

Yes it’s that time yet again……  So if you have forgotten – woe betide you lol! This tradition started in the Middle ages when lovers sang or recited their valentines, which is rather nice.  The  valentine card  began in the 1400s and the paper ones were made in factories in the early 1800s

Typical vintage valentine

This early card is by  Esther Howland. an American printer and artist.  Howland was one of the first people to publish and sell valentines in the States. This  paper lace valentine Circa 1875 is so intricate and  astonishing in detail – and  a very precious item in the emotionscard museum (beautiful cards here)

earlist Howland card

According to tradition, The Roman Emperor Claudius  at one time banned young men from getting married because he wanted to recruit them for his army.  A priest called Valentine went against the Emperor’s wishes and married couples in secret.  For this he  was put into prison and sentenced to die.  A young women wrote to the priest and became his friend.   He would sign his letters to the woman ‘Your Valentine’.  So Valentine became St Valentine, Roman martyr.  or so the story goes….



Valentines have changed a lot over the years.  Original ones were made or real lace and very elaborate.  But there have been a lot of comical ones too.

Cute and Corny

Here’s a contemporary valentine card – which I found quite amusing.  It’s available from here, and it could be given any time.

Zombie love is undying love

The history of Valentine? HERE

Here is the heart on the cart link

Valentine mosiac from HERE

Pop Corn and other Vintage valentines available here

Valentine? Where art thou? and WHY?

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I blame that St Valentine for pushing great expectations up.  It’s all his fault when women don’t get valentine cards because they either have no partner or their partner forgets.  The arguements that have kicked off because people haven’t bothered or have genuininly forgot to get their other half a card must be great. 




 What I have noticed though is that everything has now turned red.   Cupid is now a red devil, with pitchfork, oh and there’s loads of red  underwear all over the shops. Romantic?  Why is this?



Apparently there were a few of these martyred saints called Valentine, but not much is known about the one whose Feast day it is today and who was buried in Rome also on this day.  The date was also used to honour Juno, Queeen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses.  She was the Goddess of marriage  and women.  The following day, 15th the Feast of Lupacalia would begin.   Not sure what went on at that Feast but it sounds more  like it.


Curl your locks as I do mine…..

Two before and three behind

Good morning to you valentine

This charming little song was sung by little children dressed as adults on Valentines day as they went from home to home.  They’d have their work cut out with my curls……



When we were out shopping before (I’m writing this on Friday 13th), my husband and I looked at each other and I said ‘Are we bothering with a card this year?’  He said ‘Why bother? we love each other don’t we? we don’t need a card to show it.’  And I thought, yes, that’s exactly right!  I’m not saying we’ll never bother again, because I know we will, but for this year anyway, it just feels right.

PS Just had a look at this post 15th Feb: WHY have the letters come out HUGE???  Getting a little sick of this happening, keep editing and it still happens!