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Altered Art Book page 5 Something Fishy going on

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p5 altered book

p5 altered book


Pages 5

By this time I could see the way that this book was going


*Legend says that the     (my insert)

Special Fish brooch

(needs altering to say ‘brooch’)

 They’re the guardians of the soul’

 I had already chosen these quotes: drawn to them.  Why  was this? 

Besides being a Piscean, ‘guardians of the soul suggest Egyptian sentinels.   A bit of research was needed.  This is what I found: Depending on the location in Ancient Egypt, in some places fish are sacred and it was not allowed to be eaten.  In other places however, fish was treated like other culinary dishes.

Hatmahyt  Egyptian Fish Goddess

Hatmahyt Egyptian Fish Goddess



Chief of Fish was the Goddess Hatmehyt or Hatmehyt.  Her name translates as “she who is in front of the fishes” or “Foremost of the fish“. On this page however the fishes are the ones in front (guarding the soul).  Hatmehyt had the fish emblem on her forehead  but was sometimes worshipped as an actual fish.

As a rule (again depending on area) the poor ate fish whilst the rich kept fish.  Priests and pharoah’s didn’t eat fish because of the association with Set. 



Many artists have admired Egyptian art.  Francis Bacon once remarked


”I do think that Egyptian art is the greatest thing that has happened so far.”

Egyptian art is a mixture of abstraction, naturalism and frontalism: influencing Picasso,

Weeping Woman Picasso

Weeping Woman Picasso



Matisse and Giacometti amongst many

bas relief 2 Matisse

bas relief 2 Matisse