’405th Post summary’ Perspectives’

I never get stuck with my blogging, it’s becoming a bit of a discipline now. But sometimes, when I’ve been out for a celebration, I think,who would really be interested in personal stuff?  So, seeing that I have  missed the 400th post anniversary, I thought I would do a bit of a summing up.  Today IContinue reading “’405th Post summary’ Perspectives’”

Happy Un PC, Health Hazardous Christmas’s I have Enjoyed

When you are young, Christmas is magical – well it seem’s magical.  OK it is magical, only because you can’t see the strings.  Some of the stocking fillers of the past wouldn’t be allowed in the shops these days, yet some of them aresurprisingly  still around.  We took them for granted – the same way we do aContinue reading “Happy Un PC, Health Hazardous Christmas’s I have Enjoyed”