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Weep not for me

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Pablo Picasso b.(1881-1973 Spain) famous iconic painting ‘Weeping Woman’  is the artist’s protest about the bombing of Guernica.  It was completed in 1937 and  depicts the horror , pain, fear, grief and emotion women were experiencing though the tragic loss of their loved ones in the war.  This is a poem I wrote for a completion that I was running  at the time.  I have plans to bring this feature  back  on Bookstains as they were great fun!

Weeping Woman 1937 by Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

A Weepy Conversation


Weeping woman why do you cry?
Muse to genius such as I!
Your tears spill down and spoil my paint!
Too much emotion!  No restraint!

I give you fame – yet still you weep!
A bottomless well that runs too deep!
No gratitude – just endless tears
For sharing my creative years!

(Weeping woman)

My precious tears are not for you!
Do not suppose that they’re YOUR due!
Your latest muse usurps my place
These tears are JOY upon MY face!

Lynda M Roberts 2010


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Keeping an Eye on Art

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The eye Chicago illnois

Keep your eyes open in July for this sculpture!  Actually, you won’t be able to miss it:  this gigantic eyeball sculpture shall go on display at Pritzker Park Chicago, Illinois. The Three dimensional sculpture by Tony Tasset goes on display in the park on July 7th until October 31st (Halloween) this year.

The blue iris was the artist’s choice as he has blue eyes himself.  He has chosen the eye because it has always been an important symbol in Egypt. The artist is hoping that the eye will enhance the space and make it more interesting.  He has made a smaller similar symbol in a St Louis park, Missouri.

The giant eye will be a major talking point (the  cost goes into six figures..).  People will either love it or hate it.  The artist acknowledges that some will find the eye creepy –  he calls it a ‘surrealist-noir”.  I am put in mind of the surrealist film Un Chien Andalou  by Luis Buñuel (Writer/Director).  This is a famous film where the opening scene shows a woman’s eye being cut by a razor.  There is also something about the sculpture which makes me think of surrealist Rene Magritte – just the sort of incongruous kind of thing he would do if he’d been a sculptor.

What do we think about it? Love, Hate or just indifferent?  Forgot to add ‘like’…that’s my opinion:)

image  and more info here
Beautiful egyptian eye image available from  here
Laumeiere Sculpture Park image here