Altered art book: page 20 continued

  Method used for this page was watercolour, then ink was inscribed (ok, then scribbled…)  I actually used a rubber stamp on this page, a leaf one.  I used some handmade paper, torn at the bottom of the page.  Ribbon was used and some plastic shapes embellished.  I love the colours used on this page.

Altered art book: page 14 Helsinki not ducked nor flinched from

‘Helsinki’ ‘And they’d duck and flinch’ This page really stumped me!  Why had I chosen those words?  What did I know about Helsinki?  Why was I attracted by this word?  I had no alternative but to bite the bullet and follow the words I had chosen a couple of years ago.  When I chose theContinue reading “Altered art book: page 14 Helsinki not ducked nor flinched from”