Turning over a new leaf – or two

It’s about time we had some more unusual art on here.  A while ago I posted about  artist Willard Wigan who micro sculptures can only be viewed through a microscope (tiny worlds between heartbeats)  I contrasted the micro art with the work of Hyperrealist sculptor Ron Meuck whose gigantic realistic sculptures have a unerving quality aboutContinue reading “Turning over a new leaf – or two”

Shrinking World

  As the post before this was about Ron Mueck’s hyperrealist sculptures – works of huge proportions, I though I would post about the interesting world of miniatures.  I’ve always loved miniatures.  There is something so aesthetically pleasing about them.  To make them is like recreating your own little world.  But the very art ofContinue reading “Shrinking World”

On the Town

It was National Museum day 1st February.  I followed the Tate Modern London, Tate Liverpool, Dox Prague and Beamish.  But you don’t have to wait for a special day to support museums – you can support them any time and the best way is to actually visit them.  I love popping into the Manchester CityContinue reading “On the Town”

Art I LOVE: Ron Mueck ‘Dead Dad’ and Others. No way you can Look away

  I have always been an admirer of Ron Mueck’s  sculpture (b.1958 Australia) ever since seeing his ‘Dead Dad’  (his own father,, reduced in scale).  This work pays homage to his father.  By reducing the scale., it somehow increases the importance and reverence the artist has towards him, as well as magnifying the ‘humaness’ and exclusivenessContinue reading “Art I LOVE: Ron Mueck ‘Dead Dad’ and Others. No way you can Look away”