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Turning over a new leaf – or two

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It’s about time we had some more unusual art on here.  A while ago I posted about  artist Willard WiganWillard Wigan sculpture who micro sculptures can only be viewed through a microscope (tiny worlds between heartbeats)  I contrasted the micro art with the work of Hyperrealist sculptor Ron Meuck whose gigantic realistic sculptures have a unerving quality about them.

A new art form has been emerging from China over the last few years.  The process called leaf carving, involves careful precision, as the artist scrapes the outer layers of the leaf, exposing an almost transparent surface. The leaf veins are left intact to give stability to the sculpture.

The leaves preferred by artists are from the Chinar tree, which is native to India, China and Pakistan.  The leaves are considered to have ‘lucky’ qualities and resemble maple leaves and are best suited for sculpting owing to the distribution of their veins.

Each carving can take months of careful work.  But once finished, preserved and framed, the finished art should last decades.

From minute leaf sculpture to these 3D leaf sculptures.  the news may be a couple of years old, but it’s news to me:-)  Apparently a mystery artist  left leaf sculptures along the water of Leith, Edinburgh in the autumn of 2010. One of the figures was dressed in green wellies,and a flat cap.  Next to it,  two charming leaf children clung to the railings.

The Leith river seems to have provided inspiration for Anthony Gormley too.  You would think that  life-sized cast iron  figures would last a little longer than leaf ones, but two of Gormley’s six figures apparently fell victim to the Scottish and were pushed over by heavy tide.

Art officials have insisted that the figures were ‘designed to be tipped over’  Art lovers thought the sculptures had been stolen. 

Leith locals had taken the sculptures to their hearts, donning them with bikinis, Y-fronts and even a MacDonald’s uniform!



Leaf sculpture video from hldx9 with thanks

Willard Wigan sculpture image from here

Ron Mueck image from here

Leaf sculpture at Leif image from here

Anthony Gormley’s river sculpture images from here

Shrinking World

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our miniature cake attempt (and tins)

As the post before this was about Ron Mueck’s hyperrealist sculptures – works of huge proportions, I though I would post about the interesting world of miniatures.  I’ve always loved miniatures.  There is something so aesthetically pleasing about them. 

loved making these!

To make them is like recreating your own little world.  But the very art of making these tiny items is indeed difficult and there are some amazing miniature artists around, that put mine and my daughters efforts to shame.  We did enjoy doing them though and found it quite challenging!

quite Archimboldo don’t you think?

The scale of these is 1/12th and they are made of just ordinary Fimo clay that you bake in an ordinary oven.  We made these tiny cakes and fruit and vegetables a few years ago.  I did have tiny plates with meals on too, but I lost those.

our mini meats

Here’s some exquisite examples of miniature cakes and puddings!  Looks delicious – and the chocolate sauce is very realistic.  There are lots of materials, pastes, liquids available for the real enthusiast, plus many books on the subject.

these are exuisite! not made by us

I quite like the simplicity of this salad veg stall.  It is available HERE.  A lot of people opt for having a shop instead of a doll’s house, taking great delight in stocking it to their own requirements.  When the shops are finished, they make nice ornaments.

lovely veg stall

 The Min Food Blog is a particularly lovely one dedicated to miniatures – look HERE

butchers shop (Mini Food blog)


All that wonderful meat on display!  Making meat is particularly challenging.  The ones which we made (below) include  Black puddings which are threaded with dental floss and I think, had talcum powder rubbed into it lol!  It’s true the chicken could have done with more work…


enjoyed doing the black puds!


On the Town

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Manchester Art Gallery

It was National Museum day 1st February.  I followed the Tate Modern London, Tate Liverpool, Dox Prague and Beamish.  But you don’t have to wait for a special day to support museums – you can support them any time and the best way is to actually visit them.  I love popping into the Manchester City Gallery when ever I’m in town.  The last exhibition was ‘Women and Anarchy (women Surrealists) which I wrote about HERE.


The head of Mueck's 'Wild Man'

We went to the Manchester City Art Gallery today.  That is another museum that I follow on Twitter.  There are 3 works being exhibited by Hyper-Realist artist Ron Mueck  (4th Feb – April 10)  Artist’s Rooms and an exhibition called Facing East:  Recent work from China, India and Japan from the Frank Cohen Collection.  Mueck’s ‘Wild Man” is colossal and dominates the room.  the naked model sits down, a wild nervous look upon his face.  this has to be seen to be believed!  Mask 111 also huge, you can see each pore in the skin.  The Spooning couple’ was quite small,  deliberate so the viewer invades this private moment by their close scrutiny.

Following on from the enormous success of 2009, Manchester Art Gallery is one of 21 museums and galleries across the UK showing 25 ARTIST ROOMS displays drawn from the collection created by the dealer and collector, Anthony d’Offay, and acquired by the nation in February 2008.

ARTIST ROOMS on Tour with The Art Fund has been devised to enable this collection held by Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland, to reach and inspire new audiences across the country, particularly young people.

Behind the scene view of Mask 3

More Hyperealist artists HERE
There are some pretty amazing paintings and objects on display in Manchester City Art Gallery, including a very fine collection of Pre Raphaelite paintings and some unbelievable Adolphe Valette paintings and life drawings which I shall be writing about later.
There’s another post I wrote about Ron Mueck with more pics of his work HERE
Follow a museum HERE on Twitter or just…folow a museum!

Art I LOVE: Ron Mueck ‘Dead Dad’ and Others. No way you can Look away

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dead dad by Ron Mueck 1997

dead dad by Ron Mueck 1997

I have always been an admirer of Ron Mueck’s  sculpture (b.1958 Australia) ever since seeing his ‘Dead Dad’  (his own father,, reduced in scale).  This work pays homage to his father.  By reducing the scale., it somehow increases the importance and reverence the artist has towards him, as well as magnifying the ‘humaness’ and exclusiveness of the  father as a person.  It was a very moving piece of work. 

ghost by Ron Mueck 1998

ghost by Ron Mueck 1998

 Ghost  is an awkward pubescent  gigantic girl,trapped in an adult world, yet between both: awkward and ungainly in her own body.  Who hasn’t experienced this feeling of not belonging to either world, when growing up? 




 Mueck’s sculptures are usually of ordinary people.  They are HUGE, which adds to the impact.  These sculptures are not only disconcerting because of their scale, its the realism and  to detail that really grabs the viewer.

mueck mask

mueck mask

Mueck’s  work has been termed ‘Hyper realism’.  He works in silicone, mixed media and fibreglass.  He served his apprenticeship, not in art school, but with puppeteer Jim Hensen.

big man by Ron Mueck 2006

big man by Ron Mueck 2006

A lot of background information here and a very good article about the artist and his work here

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