‘Snow Joke and not laughing’

It is absolutely horrendous! Hideous – outrageous!  I can’t believe the snow we are having!  I don’t remember snow like this ever.  It’s about a foot deep now.  I, who would love to go to Iceland (the place) have now changed my mind.   They should change that Iceland advert (mum’s gone to Iceland) to ‘Mum’sContinue reading “‘Snow Joke and not laughing’”

At the End of the Day, will the End of the Day EVER come?

  I was at the computer typing away the other day, half listening to the TV to a popular day time audience participation show, where people air all their dirty washing to the world: have DNA tests done and generally get ‘advised’ and insulted by the audience.  The audience participation, as well as the ‘victim’sContinue reading “At the End of the Day, will the End of the Day EVER come?”

I celebrate being 6 months smokefree with a rant

Theorigin of the phrase ‘get on ones wick’ whaling and a rant about inconsiderate smokers