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‘Snow Joke and not laughing’

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It is absolutely horrendous! Hideous – outrageous!  I can’t believe the snow we are having!  I don’t remember snow like this ever.  It’s about a foot deep now.  I, who would love to go to Iceland (the place) have now changed my mind.   They should change that Iceland advert (mum’s gone to Iceland) to ‘Mum’s gone to Iceland and she could be gone some time like poor old Titus Oates’ (Lawrence Edward Grace Oates 1880 -1912)’.  Of course this was the Antarctic not Iceland, but it’s still a snowy freezing  place.

lawrence-oates, he never returned

Off I went through the foot thick snow with my Snow boots on which unfortunately came lower up the leg  than the snow.  To think I used to cheer when it snowed – running out with wellies and gloves that were soaked within a minute.  I didn’t care though, I was only 23 at the time (OK.  9 years old).  Now I’m moaning my head off along with everyone else.  There have been so many accidents  because it has snowed.  People are in hospital with broken limbs, some have actually been killed.  And still, we are unprepared.  It has been predicted that it will ice over tonight.  Great news eh.

snow boots need to be higher

It has been said that the British are a nation of shopkeepers, and all they talk about is the weather.  Well I’ve just had to go shopping to the supermarket in this weather and am now moaning, so there may well be some truth in this….


At the End of the Day, will the End of the Day EVER come?

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I was at the computer typing away the other day, half listening to the TV to a popular day time audience participation show, where people air all their dirty washing to the world: have DNA tests done and generally get ‘advised’ and insulted by the audience.  The audience participation, as well as the ‘victim’s output consisted primarily of the inane phrase ‘at the end of the day’.  E.g. ‘at the end of the day drugs are crap, at the end of the day, and if you do them, well, at the end of the day, you will die, end of, at the end of the day……..’ (cue applause).  And so it went on: banal statements magically transformed into pearls of wisdom by the mere waving of the verbal magic wand and the magic spell ‘at the end of the day’ (or should that be ‘attheendoftheday’ like ‘abracadabra’?

time-runs-out-for-the-end-of-the-day....if only

time-runs-out-for-the-end-of-the-day....if only





WHY? isn’t the end of the day meant to be just that (the end, finito, the last word – here it is: in a nutshell: the final summary?)  But it never quite bloody gets there does it?  This so called END OF THE DAY, on and on it goes, as the days grow longer and the nights draw in and the toes curl inwards and the brain screams ‘STOP! NO MORE  END OF THE DAY PLEASE!







Where did it come from? (we know where it’s going…nowhere).  Why are people still using it instead of ‘AND’,wouldn’t that be quicker?  Why make the day any longer than neccessary?  Well for a start, I would have to make a statement, and, let’s face it (another annoying one), at the end of the day, I would like it to appear that I am actually saying something of the utmost importance, at the end of the day.  So there you have it, at the end of the day.  AMEN, may it rest in peace, at the end of the day.




I celebrate being 6 months smokefree with a rant

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Whale's shoulder bone

Whale's shoulder bone



What does it mean to get on ones wick?  People are always saying it to me.  Is it a whaling term? I thought.  I had been reading a book called ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, by Nathaniel Philbrick.  It is about the sinking of the Nantucket whaling ship the Essex: the kind of forerunner of Moby Dick. I actually saw a whales shoulder bone in a cabinet in The Royal Children pub in Nottingham.  It was massive.  That pub had a licence to light its lamps from whale oil because of its whaling connection, not sure if it still has it or not.



 But I digress, as usual.  I found out where the term came from to ‘get on ones wick’….and I had to laugh! Trust me!  so typical…




 But I digress (again and this is beginning to become a habit: lose one habit: – get one free).  I was standing at a bus stop today, happily minding my own business.  It was raining and I was sheltering under the canopy of the bus stop.  A woman joined me.  Within seconds she had lit up a fag.  She in turn was joined by another woman, who also lit up.  They in turn were joined by a man who also lit up!  So, there were three people smoking, with me in the middle (a non smoker of 6 months).  Then another woman joined us: she took one look at all the smoke and stomped out of the bus shelter and stood in the rain.  I should have joined her really but just then the bus came.  Why should a person be driven to stand in the rain because they are in the minority.  I hate moaning about this.   I always said there was nothing worse than a reformed smoker/drinker etc and I don’t want to go on about it.  But I can now see where these people are coming from – or I would if I could see through the vicious miasma that is gunging up my lungs AND my vision!