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Beautiful Women lost in music found in Art

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Here’s a video featuring beautiful women in art.  But do you know how which arists painted them?  They’re all familiar, some more than most.  They inspired some of the greatest artists.  The music is by Giovanni Allevi ‘Donne nell’arte’ and is very beautiful, the  contributer is luceariasole

The artists they inpired are at the bottom.  how many did you get?


On the Town

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Manchester Art Gallery

It was National Museum day 1st February.  I followed the Tate Modern London, Tate Liverpool, Dox Prague and Beamish.  But you don’t have to wait for a special day to support museums – you can support them any time and the best way is to actually visit them.  I love popping into the Manchester City Gallery when ever I’m in town.  The last exhibition was ‘Women and Anarchy (women Surrealists) which I wrote about HERE.


The head of Mueck's 'Wild Man'

We went to the Manchester City Art Gallery today.  That is another museum that I follow on Twitter.  There are 3 works being exhibited by Hyper-Realist artist Ron Mueck  (4th Feb – April 10)  Artist’s Rooms and an exhibition called Facing East:  Recent work from China, India and Japan from the Frank Cohen Collection.  Mueck’s ‘Wild Man” is colossal and dominates the room.  the naked model sits down, a wild nervous look upon his face.  this has to be seen to be believed!  Mask 111 also huge, you can see each pore in the skin.  The Spooning couple’ was quite small,  deliberate so the viewer invades this private moment by their close scrutiny.

Following on from the enormous success of 2009, Manchester Art Gallery is one of 21 museums and galleries across the UK showing 25 ARTIST ROOMS displays drawn from the collection created by the dealer and collector, Anthony d’Offay, and acquired by the nation in February 2008.

ARTIST ROOMS on Tour with The Art Fund has been devised to enable this collection held by Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland, to reach and inspire new audiences across the country, particularly young people.

Behind the scene view of Mask 3

More Hyperealist artists HERE
There are some pretty amazing paintings and objects on display in Manchester City Art Gallery, including a very fine collection of Pre Raphaelite paintings and some unbelievable Adolphe Valette paintings and life drawings which I shall be writing about later.
There’s another post I wrote about Ron Mueck with more pics of his work HERE
Follow a museum HERE on Twitter or just…folow a museum!

Transcription Journal:Getting under the Surface, pages 1 – 9

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This journal is several years old.  It turned into two journals stuck together!  I did get carried away….  The idea was to take a picture from a gallery  and bit by bit, transcribe it into an original work of art.  The idea came from the ‘Encounters’   exhibition I went to see in the National Gallery London 2000.  Each artist chose a painting or sculpture form the National Gallery  to transcribe – with some very surprising results!  Antoni Tapies (see Favorite Art: Art I love) transcribed Rembrandts ‘A woman bathing in a stream’ (1654)  as his piece, and underwent quite a journey to reach his conclusion..



For the cover and back of this journal I used all sorts of media;paper I had made myself,  with ink drawn into, wax dotted over it. There are pieces of velvet, filler and inks (including silver), silver and gold card that I turned metallic using a combination of inks and acrylics.  I have a ‘recipe’ book with how I made these different surfaces, some employ unusual materials, like latex.   I will get round to including these in a different section.

I got off to a false start with my first piece.  The first piece I chose proved a bit limited.  This piece came from the Lady Lever Gallery. Port Sunlight and here is what I wrote on the first page: – (I scanned the journal but it came out blurred)


“William Hesketh Lever 1st Viscount Levershulme (1851 -1925) Founder of ‘Lever Brothers’ created the building, the collection and the model village of Port Sunlight.  He was born in Bolton and was an avid collector of art, especially the PreRaphaelites.  He also liked ‘Classical’ artists like Alma Tadema and Frederick Leighton.

The Museum is packed with Lever’s furniture collections, tapestries, needlework, classical statues, wedgewood china, Chinese porcelain and Greek and Roman antiquities.

page-3-transcription photograph montage

page-3-transcription photograph montage

I was drawn to Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘Lute Player’.  I found the painting interesting because the lady  playing the lute is left handed.  This led me to question if the Pre Raphaelite   was using a Camera Lucida.  The date of the painting is 1867,  the picture is not an especially small – nor is it huge.  If Rossetti was using the camera lucida as a tool purely to paint detail, it would seem a pointless exercise, as the gown is hardly sumptuous by Pre Raphaelite standards.



The subject – the lute player has an almost Japanese quality about her.  The way her hair is dressed and the Kimono type robe would suggest this.  Perhaps the painting was commissioned?  The lady pictured is not oriental looking, she may be the wife of some dignitary: though there is no information about this.  This particular picture is not in the Lady Lever guide book, neither is it in the Pre Raphaelite books I have looked at.  So from this, I get the impression that this is not an important work of Rossetti’s – perhaps some sort of experimentation?”



I then began to experiment with the painting by changing from colour to black and white.  The first figure is a photo copy, the others are painted: –



Although this is not my main transcription piece, I did experiment quite a lot with this painting.  I will continue adding the pages as I scan them, until it is complete.  I may at some stage add my main transcription (which occupies the two journals nearly!)  I would do this bit by bit of course.

To be continued……..