My 252nd Post: Hows it going?

Well It’s my 252nd post.   Since starting on 29th November 2008, I have only missed 6 days.  I am doing a lot of art or design related posts and have introduced new categories. Still stuck on my altered book and need to put more Transcription on.  But I have now got my Newcastle trip toContinue reading “My 252nd Post: Hows it going?”

What’s with the Glitches?

Just a quick one tonight, hopefully glitch free….  According to Wikpedia a Glitch is a short lived fault,common in computers: let’s hope it is.   I have got into the habit of scheduling my posts, usually about 20 past midnight.  Well I did the same as usual last night.  I was doing other work on my p.c. noticedContinue reading “What’s with the Glitches?”