‘Bookstains’ Read all about it!’

books inklings and words I have been working on another blog since the 7th of this month.  I have been writing bits on it for the last few days.  I was unsure whether to keep it private or not., but then I thought why not link it with ‘Echostains’ after all it is an extention. Continue reading “‘Bookstains’ Read all about it!’”

Expanding Text and Magical Imagery

When I answer a comment, it comes as a very unwelcome surprise to see some of my posts now in HUGE format!  I have been having this problem from time to time, the formatting  just goes haywire (even if I use the smallest possible size – the print  just comes out  HUGE).   So when I spotContinue reading “Expanding Text and Magical Imagery”

John Cooper Clarke tells it like it Is/Isn’t/Should be

Short and sweet.  Time has really flown today.  In between all the stuff I’ve done (of no interest to anyone apart from me who has been riveted) I’ve left it quite late to do my blog.  Listening to the great John Cooper Clarke.  Who? Oh come ON everyone has heard of him surely? the Salford poet? veryContinue reading “John Cooper Clarke tells it like it Is/Isn’t/Should be”