Happy Birthday Yves Klein!

French artist Yves Klein (b. 1928 – 1962 Nice France) isn’t easy to classify.  Some have said that he was a post-modernist others  a neo Dadaist.  Between the years of 1947 – 48 Klein ‘wrote’ a symphony which consisted of a 20 minute sustained chord followed by a 20 minutes silence.  From 1948 to 1952Continue reading “Happy Birthday Yves Klein!”

Altered Art Book page 7 and 8 In the Blood

‘Dad says it’s in my blood’.  This page came about when I was researching my Family Tree a while ago.  I genuinely do believe that we have the same genetic make up as our ancestors, and that these traits will out eventually.  They may manifest themselves slightly differently, but situations, even names we come intoContinue reading “Altered Art Book page 7 and 8 In the Blood”