Crossing the Oxo cube

It’s been niggling  me for ages – in fact, every time I open up an oxo cube (which is often) – I wonder why they have changed the shape of them?  They are still cube shaped of course but the cube now forms a cross as in O X O.   Apparently the notches helpContinue reading “Crossing the Oxo cube”

Altered Art Book page 6 ‘Plunging the Depths: A Matter of Faith

By page 6  I had ‘taken the plunge’; I had ‘dived in’ .  The swimsuits began to take on the form of an abstract ‘language’ or a game of ‘OXO’ or Noughts and Crosses.  I have a feeling ‘crosses’ will become a regular feature in this work.  Either that, or the book will become aContinue reading “Altered Art Book page 6 ‘Plunging the Depths: A Matter of Faith”