Just an Illusion

I had listened to an old 1982 video and putting it on my family blog to illustrate an experience I was writing about when it gave me an idea for a post on echostains!  The music video is by ‘Imagination’ and it’s called ‘Just an Illusion’ (I’d forgotten how good they were:))  Then I thoughtContinue reading “Just an Illusion”

Transcription page 39 Opt for the Optical Illusion (which is just that)

Continuing with my transcription of Paula Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’, page 39 continues to explore possibilities with format. Metalic pen on black card explores unusual possibilities: looking for ways to take the transcription forward. Page 40, I attempt to do a Bridget Riley – and fail!  Riley is famous for her Op ArtContinue reading “Transcription page 39 Opt for the Optical Illusion (which is just that)”