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The Big Ship Sails (from the Fourth plinth)

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SEPT 2009 a-merry-plinther-taking-the-air

I wrote a bit about Antony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth project (One and Other) a while ago here and here.  The empty plinth in Trafalgar Square London  UK attracted a lot of criticism  at the time.  People who volunteered for this were chosen randomly and each allotted an hour to perform on the plinth (one very hour).   This lasted from  6th July – 14th October 2009 and lasted 100 days.   There were some stunning performances (and some best forgotten).

The plinth is now empty, but not for long, the work of UK artist Yinka Shonibare MBE whose work explores colonialism and post-colonialism within the contemporary context of globalisation will fill this space. Shonibare explores through the media of sculpture, film, painting and performance and installation. He was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2004.  One of the main components of his work is his use of brightly coloured African fabrics which he buys from London markets.

Mr and Mrs Andrews without their heads by Yinka Shonibare

Among his pieces, Shonibare has also taken famous paintings and given them his own expression. Mr and Mrs Andrews without their heads (Gainsborough) is one example.  He has also recreated these paintings in carefully posed videos.  His work is multi layered and deserves a place of his own (which I will go into later)

Yinka Shonibare MBE and a small model of the ship

The Fourth Plinths latest tenant shall be ‘Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle’ by Shonibare.  This is an exact replica of Nelson’s famous Flagship in The Battle of Trafalgar   HMS Victory with African looking fabric sails which are actually Dutch wax fabrics: these are significant to the artist’s work:-

 “The Dutch wax fabrics were originally Indonesian-influenced fabrics, known as batik. The Dutch tried the Indonesian market with industrially produced versions and then subsequently [when this failed to work] they turned to West Africa, where they’re now known as African textiles,” Shonibare explains. “It’s an apt metaphor for understanding that behind a fixed idea or stereotype there are other complex layers……” (rest of the interview here)

detail-of-shonibare-fabric the swing after Fragonard

 Shonibare hopes that people will want to engage with his art and debate about it.  I wish that I could have actuallyseen this piece but we were too early – it goes up tomorrow.  Perhaps later in the year we shall have another trip to London.  I shall definitely be taking photo’s of this if we do!

Excellent interview about this artist here
images from here and here and here

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Gormley’s ‘One and Other’: Brian Sewell’s ‘Critique’ (or Rant!)

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another plinther

another plinther

Tuning into Antony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’ live project, the guests this week were the art critic Brian Sewell  and writer, comedienne Sandy Toxvig.  Sewell was scathing about the work, he doesn’t agree with it and says it detracts from the National Gallery.   It is also ‘ A futile waste of time’and ‘no one is worthy of that plinth and it should be empty, because no one could fill it, no one is worthy!  He then goes on to say that  Nothing should have been done and that the plinth loses it point by placing someone on it.  Controversial eh?  One thing abut Sewell is that he always speaks his mind lol!   He was soon ushered off to make way for Sandy Toxvig’s more liberal view.  She liked it because it drew attention to stuff that was happening in the world and made people look upwards.

brian sewell (the poor luvvy)

brian sewell (the poor luvvy)

But Sewell hasn’t finished yet….It  (the live installation) has nothing to do with art according to Sewell, these people are not artists he says, they are daubers.  He then goes on to insult  the  people that are on the plinth , saying that they are there because they arent worthy of anything.!  The plinth is very telling when its empty according to Sewell.

a merry plinther taking the air

a merry plinther taking the air

Sewell is hilarious when he is rattled (and he IS rattled!)  Plinther 1941 made a photo mosaic of Antony Gormley, made of lego.  This was chosen because of the building block element. The plinther explained he wanted it to reflect the product……..  probably multi faceted?  Sewell  socks it to em with ‘ it could have been anyone ! futile crap!  Poor Sewell, he is in a  bad mood lol!   He said he would sooner have blank walls that any old rubbish.  He also makes the point of the plinthers not  being seen from below, or even heard properly.  That the plinthers   can’t be seen except on TV, and that these  people know that….grrr!

They then went on to show, ‘entertainers’ playing guitar, quoting Shakespeare, playing the mouthorgan….reading a fairytale….mmm beginning to see what you mean Brian darling!

looking up to the plinthers

looking up to the plinthers

Toxvig likes it because it makes us look upwards  instead of our mobiles.  Sewell says ‘nothing works on the plinth, it just doesn’t work on that level. Its worse than BB in it’s dieing throws!’lol!  Toxvig says that the plinth is treated as a giant soapbox and applauds it.

Well, I was laughing my head off  at Sewell in a strop, until I saw the woman protesting about him slagging off  Liverpool.   

liverpool, Sewellfree at the moment....

liverpool, Sewellfree at the moment....

Dreena  Boyle Liverpool said it made her blood boil when she heard Sewell badmouthing her city ( and MINE, too, I was born in that fabulous vibrant city!).  She now refers to him as  Brian Sewer and insisted that Sewell had missed exceptional art from all over the world by his dismissive attitude.  Sewell however was unrepentant, and when given the opportunity to retract, would not, advising that ‘a trench should be dug round the city and it should be towed off to sea!’   Much as I respect Sewell as a critic (some of the time) as a man he is an incredibly pompous snobby git and seems to  celebrate  the fact (by himself I suspect).  I myself was appalled by his ignorance (and he’s far from ignorant)…it must be down to snobbishness (or he’s never been there? in that case he is ignorant to be judging a place he’s never been to).  He is going soon he said.  Well expect a warm Liverpool welcome mate – you’ve earned it!

Tate Liverpool, one of the many cultural  attractions

Tate Liverpool, one of the many cultural attractions

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Anthony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’: What are they up to now?

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antony gormley plinth

antony gormley plinth

I thought I would have a peek and see how Antony Gormley’s  Plinthers are going on: it’s been a while since I last looked.  I watched Anthony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’  highlights with Clive Anderson and Grayson Perry, (which reminds me, I MUST write about this interesting Turner Prize winner ….)

Grayson Perry wins Turner Prize 2003

Grayson Perry wins Turner Prize 2003


The idea is to fill the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square with a random member of the public.  Each living ‘statue’  will fill their one hour of fame with ever they wish to do, thus representing a cross section of the British public. Well, what a palaver eh…. the man who proposed – was this a stunt or not?  I felt a bit sorry for him actually if it wasn’t a stunt.  The female scientist who is studying in Manchester was doing some interesting scientific experiments, the  downside of this though was that she is that she sounded a bit muffled when explaining.  Grayson Perry is right though when he says there are too many show offs , and for me, far too many ‘appeals’ (all in good causes, I may add), I felt that the plinth was  being used as a soapbox just a little bit too much.  I too loved the young girl who just sat there in a foetal position hugging her knees and looking very vulnerable.  I actually found this quite moving. Take a look here and read about how she felt and what she actually decided to do HERE.  Well done Claire R for your honesty!
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