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I celebrate being 6 months smokefree with a rant

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Whale's shoulder bone

Whale's shoulder bone



What does it mean to get on ones wick?  People are always saying it to me.  Is it a whaling term? I thought.  I had been reading a book called ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, by Nathaniel Philbrick.  It is about the sinking of the Nantucket whaling ship the Essex: the kind of forerunner of Moby Dick. I actually saw a whales shoulder bone in a cabinet in The Royal Children pub in Nottingham.  It was massive.  That pub had a licence to light its lamps from whale oil because of its whaling connection, not sure if it still has it or not.



 But I digress, as usual.  I found out where the term came from to ‘get on ones wick’….and I had to laugh! Trust me!  so typical…




 But I digress (again and this is beginning to become a habit: lose one habit: – get one free).  I was standing at a bus stop today, happily minding my own business.  It was raining and I was sheltering under the canopy of the bus stop.  A woman joined me.  Within seconds she had lit up a fag.  She in turn was joined by another woman, who also lit up.  They in turn were joined by a man who also lit up!  So, there were three people smoking, with me in the middle (a non smoker of 6 months).  Then another woman joined us: she took one look at all the smoke and stomped out of the bus shelter and stood in the rain.  I should have joined her really but just then the bus came.  Why should a person be driven to stand in the rain because they are in the minority.  I hate moaning about this.   I always said there was nothing worse than a reformed smoker/drinker etc and I don’t want to go on about it.  But I can now see where these people are coming from – or I would if I could see through the vicious miasma that is gunging up my lungs AND my vision!