Goodbye Dorothea Tanning. Gone But Not Forgotten.

To commemorate this wonderful Surrealist artist, I dedicate this post. The oldest living Surrealist artist Dorothea Tanning passed away January 31 2012 at the great age of 101.  Tanning was born in Galesburg Illinois USA 1910, attending Knox College  before living in Chicago for several years.  In 1936 whilst attending the exhibition  Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism atContinue reading “Goodbye Dorothea Tanning. Gone But Not Forgotten.”

Is there anybody actually there? or is that just a blot on the landscape?

    austin-o-spare In was in pursuit of researching artist’s who used automatism to express themselves,  I came across Austin Osman Spare (see   page 4 altered book: a matter of Life or Death‘) .  Following  Breton’s and Ernst’s lead, several artist’s applied automatic techniques to produce works.  Andre Masson forced himself to work under the influence of drugs,Continue reading “Is there anybody actually there? or is that just a blot on the landscape?”

The Bride keeps her Clothes on after all these years

I found this writing I did a few years ago when I was in my Foundation years at Uni. ‘Art and the Subconscious’ “The French writer Andre Breton wrote his first Manifesto in 1924.  Its main objective being to ‘express verbally or by other means the actual functioning of thought – in the absense ofContinue reading “The Bride keeps her Clothes on after all these years”