Something to crow about?

Crow by Arthur Rackham The other day, feeling a bit miserable looking at the battering rain and dark skies, I began to add some gothic pins to my Pinterest. I came across some crow related items and thought that it would make a good blog theme. I was struck by the number of Crow picturesContinue reading “Something to crow about?”

Altered Art Book page 5 Something Fishy going on

  Pages 5 By this time I could see the way that this book was going   *Legend says that the     (my insert) Special Fish brooch (needs altering to say ‘brooch’)  They’re the guardians of the soul’  I had already chosen these quotes: drawn to them.  Why  was this?  Besides being a Piscean, ‘guardians ofContinue reading “Altered Art Book page 5 Something Fishy going on”