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Watched: A Kind Of Loving

Posted in WATCHED with tags , , , , , on December 10, 2009 by echostains

Digging around in the cellar last night (as I often do) I was shaking my head in despair at our rather small stash of DVDs.  I couldn’t believe we had so few.  And I was right – I found a hidden plastic crate full!  I brought a few up, deciding on ‘A Kind Of Loving’ the 1962 John Schlesinger film starring Alan Bates and June Ritchie, based on Stan Barstow’s novel of the same name,  (which I have read).


1962 A kind of loving

It’s one one of those British ‘kitchen sink’ drama’s set in Lancashire.  In fact, Ingrid’s home is just round the corner from where I live.  Bates plays a kind of angry young man who settles for a marriage of convenience and tries to rebel against the confines of  sharing his wife with her formidable mother (Thora Hird).  It’s ironic that in the  1960’s – legendary for being the decade of ‘Free Love’ there seemed to be lot of people who ended up ‘having to get married’.

the Works bus

Young Vic Brown has quite a good job as a trainee draftsman with prospects.  Ingrid works as a typist for the same firm.  Victor want to ‘live’, Ingrid wants to be married.  You can guess what happens.  This is a lovely film, depicting working class life in a lost era.  There’s something about a black and white film like this that seems to almost authenticate, somehow make a film more nostalgic and true to life. It really did happen like that.  It must have done, because it’s there in black and white.

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