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‘Wuthering Heights’ ITV 2009 version

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wuthering-heights ITV 2009

wuthering-heights ITV 2009

I wasn’t going to watch this, but I managed to get myself entangled with it.  The beginning began with the traveller and the hand normally enough.  Then it seemed to jump forward to the future generation before the main characters had been established.  To me, this seemed confusing.  It then seemed to go backwards to tell the tale of how Heathcliff was adopted into the Earnshaw family etc.

Did I like it?  Tom Hardy as Heathcliff, I thought rather good, as was Charlotte Riley’s Yorkshire accent.  There was much confusion to who was who though (apart from the main characters) and a few liberties taken with the story.  Why do they always try to sex these tales up?  They don’t NEED it!  As for Nellie Dean, well all I can say dear is that there’s an old Mill by the stream………..  this sounds more like Branwell’s humour than Emily’s lol!