Grant Wood – Happy Birthday!

It’s American Regionalist artist Grant Wood’s birthday today.  As I have already celebrated this artist’s birthday (see this post) and wrote about him at some length, I thought it might be interesting to look at more of the artist’s most famous work – American Gothic.  Grant Wood was born on this day in Anamosa IowaContinue reading “Grant Wood – Happy Birthday!”

Happy Birthday Grant Wood!

Today is the birthday of American artist Grant Wood (b.1891 – 1942 Iowa)   He was one of the triumvirate (three) of the regionalism movement.  This group was formed in the midst of the Great Depression which affected the entire economic world.  The economic decline started about the end of the 1930s and continued until theContinue reading “Happy Birthday Grant Wood!”

Friday 13th? What a load of rubbish…touch wood..

It’s Friday 13th today, but I’m writing this on the 12th (just to be on the safe side) this p.c. is temperamental at the best of times.  Not that I’m superstitious you understand….  Oh no, I’ve evolved more than that you know.  The lifetimes I’ve LIVED, let me tell you!  I mean, what a loadContinue reading “Friday 13th? What a load of rubbish…touch wood..”