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Grant Wood – Happy Birthday!

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Grant Wood

It’s American Regionalist artist Grant Wood’s birthday today.  As I have already celebrated this artist’s birthday (see this post) and wrote about him at some length, I thought it might be interesting to look at more of the artist’s most famous work – American Gothic.  Grant Wood was born on this day in Anamosa Iowa USA (1891 – 1942) and is famous for painting the American Midwest, along with fellow Regionalist artists Thomas Hart Benton (see this post) and John Steuart Currie.

American Gothic by Grant Wood 1930

Though known as a painter, Wood also worked in ceramics, wood and metal as well as producing lithographs, ink and charcoal drawings.  The Regionalism movement opposed European abstraction and promoted figurative painting in rural American , primarily the Midwest.   Associated American Artists marketed  Woods work for many years and he encouraged John Steuart Currie and Thomas  Hart Benton (see my post about this artist) to return to the Midwest in the 1930, finding teaching positions for them.

American Gothic (1930) is a national icon, it gave Wood recognition.  The painting has been interpreted as a satire against small town American ruralist, though Wood always rejected this interpretation.  He said that the painting, painted during the Depression, depicted the pioneer spirit.  This image  has been parodied, distorted, and borrowed from so many times – and here in this video are many different versions of the painting. Some are innovative, some silly, some thought-provoking and some – well just bizarre 🙂  One can only marvel at Grant Wood for inspiring these though!

To celebrate this birthday I am hosting another Bookstains Poetry Challenge –  you guessed it …..American Gothic what else!  Update;  Three poems have arrived for  the challege – just click the button to see 🙂

American Gothic by Grant Wood 1930

More about Grant Wood here and the Grant Wood Gallery here

American Gothic image here Grant Wood photo from here

Thanks to bestjonbon for the video!

Happy Birthday Grant Wood!

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American Gothic by Grant Wood

Today is the birthday of American artist Grant Wood (b.1891 – 1942 Iowa)   He was one of the triumvirate (three) of the regionalism movement.  This group was formed in the midst of the Great Depression which affected the entire economic world.  The economic decline started about the end of the 1930s and continued until the early 1940s.

Young Corn by Grant Wood

A lot of creative art was undertaken in this period and it is interesting to see how artists dealt with this challenging time through their art and how they channelled that art in different directions.  Wood is particularly famous for his painting ‘American Gothic’ which became a major American icon in the 20th century.

The painting shows a father and his daughter (Wood’s dentist and  sister) standing together against the backdrop of their Carpenter Gothic style home.  The man, who could be a farmer, holds a pitchfork whilst his daughter looks on primly.  The painting has been analysed and parodied many times.  Some said that it criticised small town mentality, but Wood insisted that it showed the American pioneer spirit of the rural town.

Death in the Ridge Road by Grant Wood

Wood started the Stone City Art Colony to help other artist’s through the Depression.  They rejected the city and all it embodied.  They sought through their painting to reassure people in this traumatic time.  Most of their paintings show hope: triumph over adversity.  The other main regionists were Thomas Hart Benton and John Stueart Curry.

Baptism in Kansas by John Steuart Curry

“Paint out of the land, and the people he knows best” (Wood painted what he knew best)

Curry (Kansas) liked to paint the Dustbowls that swept across the Midwest and the survival of the people.

Tornado over Kansas by John Steuart Curry

Hart Benton  (Missouri) tackled issues that directly affected the people like the government and machine versus manual labour.  Regionalism proved very popular reflecting Nationalism.   The paintings were full of hope, and determination.  It is this kind of ‘never say die’ attitude in the face of desperation that people must have found uplifting and reassuring and which I find admirable.

the arts of life in America by Hart Benton

More about Wood’s life HERE

The Great Depression affected the whole economic world.  Read about it HERE

More about American scene painting including Regionalism HERE


Friday 13th? What a load of rubbish…touch wood..

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It’s Friday 13th today, but I’m writing this on the 12th (just to be on the safe side) this p.c. is temperamental at the best of times.  Not that I’m superstitious you understand….  Oh no, I’ve evolved more than that you know.  The lifetimes I’ve LIVED, let me tell you!  I mean, what a load of rubbish this superstitious business is really……. 

unlucky for some

unlucky for some

 Oh no I will be looking out for those lucky black cats, lucky for me and lucky for the cat (because I like em).  I may even have been one in a past life, who knows.  Apparently the black cat superstition goes back to its association with witches….seems familiar…



The number 13 though, as well as the Last Supper association, comes form the old Norse mythology, about Loki the thirteenth God,  unwanted guest who got even by slaying another guest.  You would cry too if it happened to you – well wouldn’t you?  There are loads of superstitions associated with Friday 13th, including Eve tempting Adam with an apple, (men were so easily tempted in those days).



I have wracked my brains trying to find an artist who was very the end I thought what about a birthday then?  A bit of Googling showed Sigmar Polke German Pop artist ( b.1941)  an important modern German artist whose paintings were many layered.(above)

american gothic-grant-wood

american gothic-grant-wood

But the main man Grant Wood, very very very famous Regionist artist was also born on this day.  His iconic work ‘American Gothic’ told the tale of the Midwestern farmer trying to keep a sober head above water.  I love this image! …and just KNEW that everything would be alright if I posted it..not that I’m superstitious…