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Masquerade – A celebration of Masks

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Inspired by my Ghost of Christmas Past on my Echostains insta, I’ve resurrected a video I made for my art blog (echostains). It’s all about masks 😷

It’s been a while since I posted.  I have been busy  compiling another video – a  a celebration of masks from history, cultures and of course art.  The most prolific artist who featured a lot of masks in his work was probably James Ensor ( 1860 –  1949) and many of his mask paintings are featured in this video. 

Picasso, Matisse and Watteau also appear in the video, along with masks from different cultures.  There’s even a few quirky ones (knitted) which I’ve added and a few TV characters who are famous for wearing masks.  Hope you enjoy the video (and recognise some of the paintings)

Many image credits here;-

Picasso here here here

Pietro Longhi here  and here Magritte here Banksy here   Eileen Agar here  and here Salvador Mayol

Thomas Eakins    Louis Emile Durandelle   Man Ray Brancusi  Zeng Fanzhi  Watteau Diane Dooley Natalie Holland

Green Man  Abriginal  and here  Chinese, Japanese and Greek mask here  American Indian Indian  Roman Chinese


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‘Angels of Anarchy’ Women Surrealists Exhibition

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Just a short post today.  I have had a lovely day out in Manchester.  A bit of shopping, a lovely meal and an art exhibition.  The  exhibtion at the City Art Gallery is called ‘Angels of Anarchy’ Women artists and Surrealism, and what a great exhibition it was! I made quite a few notes, and shall be writing about it tomorrow.

Leonora Fini.  This painting is just one of many of the pieces  at The Angels of Anarchy exhibition

Leonora Fini. This painting is just one of many of the pieces at The Angels of Anarchy exhibition

Amongst the artists featured are Leonora Carrington, Leonora Fini, Claude Cahun, Frida Kahlo, and Eileen Agar, Dorothea Tanning…and that’s just for starters!

Francesca Woodmans 'On being an Angel'

Francesca Woodmans 'On being an Angel'

For more information about this exhibition see HERE

Continued tomorrow