Goodbye Dorothea Tanning. Gone But Not Forgotten.

To commemorate this wonderful Surrealist artist, I dedicate this post. The oldest living Surrealist artist Dorothea Tanning passed away January 31 2012 at the great age of 101.  Tanning was born in Galesburg Illinois USA 1910, attending Knox College  before living in Chicago for several years.  In 1936 whilst attending the exhibition  Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism atContinue reading “Goodbye Dorothea Tanning. Gone But Not Forgotten.”

‘Angels of Anarchy’ Women and Surrealism Exhibition

I went to see this exhibition yesterday at Manchester City Art Gallery.  Surrealism challenges  the order and acceptance of everything.  Logic is turned upside down, inside out, new meanings come into being from unlikely juxtapositions thereby making new art.  Surrealism began in the 1920s led by Andre Breton and fellow writers and artists (including Dali).Continue reading “‘Angels of Anarchy’ Women and Surrealism Exhibition”

‘Angels of Anarchy’ Women Surrealists Exhibition

Just a short post today.  I have had a lovely day out in Manchester.  A bit of shopping, a lovely meal and an art exhibition.  The  exhibtion at the City Art Gallery is called ‘Angels of Anarchy’ Women artists and Surrealism, and what a great exhibition it was! I made quite a few notes, andContinue reading “‘Angels of Anarchy’ Women Surrealists Exhibition”