Happy Birthdays Dear Artists!

My section about celebrating artists birthdays is growing quite nicely.  There are lots of artists I want to write about but I don’t seem to have the time.  Those I do write about, I tend to make it brief.  I hate it when it’s an artist I really like and I’ve missed the birthday grrr! Continue reading “Happy Birthdays Dear Artists!”

My 231st Post, Not to be the Last one…

I can’t believe it’s my 231st post already!  Where does the time go?  So far, I have managed to blog approximately 226 days out of the 231, so I’m very happy with that!  The next update I will do is when I reach my 250th. So what have I actually written about? (in the lastContinue reading “My 231st Post, Not to be the Last one…”

Happy Birthday Dear Degas!

Today is the birthday of French Impressionist Edgar Degas (b. 1834 -1917 France).  Degas was more than just a painter though, he was a printmaker, colourist, sculptor and excellent draughtsman. Although he is more known  for his favorite  subjects, –  dancers, horse racing, theatre and nudes which  showcase his talent for depicting movement, he actually began as a classical history painter. DegasContinue reading “Happy Birthday Dear Degas!”