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Weird and Wacky Design – Strange Vessels

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lei xue


As anyone who reads this blog knows by now, I like unusually designed objects – preferably made from unusual media.   So I was intrigued to discover these beer cans made from china!  These exquisite Chinese porcelain vessels – have even been crushed to resemble aluminium beer cans.  But who in their right mind would want to throw these away (though you could recycle the porcelain).  Made by  artist Lei Xue, these cans are actually teacups!  



This Celtic skull vessel is rather unusual.  Adorned with Celtic knot work, the top of the skull comes off and there is an inner compartment which you can fill ….with whatever.  I wonder where this idea came from?  Did the Celts drink from real skulls?  From  here 

Ed Kirsner Corning Store Four

There’s a gallery of breathtaking glass vessels here.   A wonderful glass collection from Kentucky artists.  this one is by artist Ken quite transfixed me.  It looks like a strange exotic conjuring trick, full of esoteric magic.  I would never get tired of gazing upon it. 

Beer can pic from here 

Weird and Wacky Design: Papering over the cracks

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you get the idea?

Everyone at some time or other has made paper mache, either at home or at school.  We tore the paper into strips of bits and mixed with paste or even water.  Sometimes we pasted these strips onto plastic bowls and tried to prise the bowls off without breaking the paper mache shell!  Some people have agone a bit further with paper mache though – by making furniture out of it, like this armchair by Majid Asif.  The chair is built up in layers over an inflatable mold. 

Majid Asif armchair

Majid Asif armchair

Paper mache has never been more imaginative.  As a medium it has come on in leaps and bounds as artist Erika Takacs blog shows!  Some of the sculpture made of paper mache is amazing and very thought provoking.

Evolution paper mache sculpture

 I don’t know how on earth they get the paper mache so smooth, but this video shows an artist making a rather scarey fish called a ‘fishwichwich’ – amazing how he gets the sharp teeth, reminds me of a sea urchin.  The artist is DanMonsterMan and a lot of his videos can be seen here

Paper mache face mask image from here