Neo-Classicism, Classicism, Romanticism and Rococo Part Two

Continued from yesterday (part one HERE) Rococo style depended on titillation.  It was elaborate, opulent and warm.  But now with the discoveries of Herculaneum in 1738 and Pompeii 1748, artists were becoming sober in their outlook – they wanted to educate.  Winklman said “Dip your brush in intellect“, he thought that artists should raise themselves upContinue reading “Neo-Classicism, Classicism, Romanticism and Rococo Part Two”

There’s Nothing Romantic about Romanticism…or is there? part 2

Continuing from part one In Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the People‘ 1830, we see an emotional approach.  One of the main differences between Classicism and Romanticism is that Romanticism shows a way of feeling and Classicism is a way of thought. This painting is was used as part of a propaganda campaign regarding the Revolution.  IContinue reading “There’s Nothing Romantic about Romanticism…or is there? part 2”