Melt in the mouth Art (Food painting)

Just a very speedy post tonight if I want to get it on in time.  Yes, its’ the EclecticAsylumArt man again – this time speed painting with chocolate syrup using a spoon!  Is there any end to this artist’s ingenuity and talent?  So far we’ve seen him painting with MacDonalds ketchup, Vegemite on toast, cheesy puffsContinue reading “Melt in the mouth Art (Food painting)”

Really Useful Chocolate Teapots

I’ve not put any teapots on for quite a while now.  That doesn’t mean I’ve gone off them.  It just means it’s getting harder to find really unusaul ones.  But, here’s a collection of Chocloate ones, that are about as much use as a  – well chocolate teapot!  Bet they taste good too.  Buy HEREContinue reading “Really Useful Chocolate Teapots”