Teapots: From Wild Goat to He Goat: From Dada to Goya

 This strange , organic teapot really captured my imagination . This Raku ceramic, called  ‘Wild Goat teapot – Homage to Paul Soldner’  is by Nina de Creeft Ward from The Beatrice Wood Centre for the Arts.  I don’t know who Paul Soldner is, I just hope he was pleased with the wild goat reference!  This teapot reminded me ofContinue reading “Teapots: From Wild Goat to He Goat: From Dada to Goya”

Its Time for a Teapot or Two..or Three (again)

I am absolutley FUMING!  I have just typed quite a bit about 3 teapots and they have disappeared!  When I pressed the preview, all I got was the title!  The images had gone, the words had gone and I’m nearly gone (off my head!)  How frustrating is that?  Second try….. Tension Tamer Teapot Tote IreneContinue reading “Its Time for a Teapot or Two..or Three (again)”

Weird and Whacky Design: By the Power of Greyskull……!

I came across these whacky designs by ceramicist Meredith Host.  Host makes quirky ceramics with what I think, a contemporary Gothic twist.  These pots are great fun.  You would just have to put ‘brain food (fish) on these wouldn’t you lol! Meridith Host food for thought The artist  loves Zombie movies and er, candy!  ThisContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Design: By the Power of Greyskull……!”

Tea Shall be Served…When the Fat Lady Sings

I was rather taken with this unusual teapot by ceramicist Robbie Bell.  It’s called ‘When the Fat Lady sings’ from ‘The Speckled Dog’ Pottery’.  I love the colours that have been used here, they’re fresh,  frothy and whimsical, nodding at nostalgic, yet contemporary with a hint of fun!  You can tell that the Fat lady lovesContinue reading “Tea Shall be Served…When the Fat Lady Sings”

Flying Teapots to Ride on? Whatever Next!

I’ve just come across a lovely little cache of unusual teapots and I’m very excited about it!  Each time you think you’ve seen it all regarding teapot design, something always comes along to surprise you! And some of these designs are surprising to say the least……. I just love the artwork and colouring on theContinue reading “Flying Teapots to Ride on? Whatever Next!”

Teapots: Evolve….Naturally

Continuing my pick of 2008 Teapot competition.  Part one is HERE.  More teapots I like very much are as follows;   This teapot has just eveolved and evolved!  I love the verdigris effect!  Some of this piece consists of found stuff…probably the wooden trolly? I love the pod shape of this teapot1  It’s very organicContinue reading “Teapots: Evolve….Naturally”

Teapots: Oil and Water and other Elements

 I came across a Teapot competition for 2008.  I’m not too sure who won, but I’ve picked  out some of my favorites!   I love the movement and style of this teapot by Nancy Arkuss.  It reminds me of one of these veiled statues; –   Another one that captured my imagination is this one; –Continue reading “Teapots: Oil and Water and other Elements”