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starry night soap

Everyone has seen soap  in the shape of fruit  and flowers and even animals, but I have noticed that there is some quite unusual soap floating’ around the net.  Gone is the old soap on a rope.  Soap has  gone all artistic – like this Starry Night, hyacinth scented vegan soap from Art Attack!  I like it because each bar is  made individually.

almost Lalique!

There are some great soaps on this site and the venus soap is one of them. It seems a shame to use it really! I really  like these beautiful lace like soap that look like Lalique glass!  Some wonderful soaps here to make you gasp!

almost Lalique!

Soap is such a malleable compound – ideal for carving intricate patterns and designs as well as  being a smooth surface  to paint upon and to decorate.  These soap sculptures are works of art in themselves – just delightful!  See more of them here.