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The Star Inn: We got Friends, We had Ale, But we need a Toilet Quickly!

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The walls are stripped, ready for plastering

What a great meeting it was last night at the Star Inn, Back Hope Street, Salford.  A very good turn out indeed: wall to wall people!  There have been many developments since the locals bought the pub.  As you can see from the picture, the black gloss mock Tudor beams have gone.  There are a few that still mourn them, but the majority ruled and down they came. 

Before the meeting and before we cleared up

 We have electric, we have heating, applications are underway for a manager and Bazen’s Brewery have come up with a specially brewed ale for us.  It’s called ‘Wandering Star’ and is a bitter.  A  questionnaire went round to see what the locals thought of it (it will be re adjusted if need be), but everyone I talked to thought it was great.  I had a sip or two (was drinking vodka last night, trying to lose weight) and I thought it tasted lovely.  In fact I might drink this instead of lager when we’re up and running.

Derek pulling the Star's own 'Wandering Star'

Great plans are afoot.  The curiously called  BOGAID will kick off with a concert with a local live band, maybe a fire-eater, raffles, and a few celebrities (one from Coronation Street……)  The tickets will be very reasonably priced at around 5.00 each.  Several fund-raising ideas were aired last night (details coming soon when confirmed).  I am beginning to put a lot of information on my Facebook ‘Friends of the Star’ group. which is also showcasing pictures of before and after as well as the locals.

Earlier on

Camera’s were there from BBC 1  last night.  They have been following this interesting story and this documentary should be shown in the New Year in a slot called ‘Inside Out’ usually shown on a Monday 7.30.  I can’t wait to see the finished documentary!  I actually went into the cellar last night….. the stairs are very steep: easier going up than down.  The cellar is bigger than you would think and is stuck in a time warp, want’s clearing and sprucing up a bit.

a corner of the cellar

Well, that’s the gist of what has happened at the last meeting.  If you would like to follow this story from the beginning ;

The Auction

What Happened

Star Inn a Cliff Hanger

The resurgence of this 1867 building is already starting.  If you can offer help in any way at all, please get in touch with Margaret;

E-mail Address(es):

If you would like to become a friend of the Star Inn on Facebook, catch up with meetings, see old friends and track our progress click HERE



The Star Inn, Salford: Time for Last Orders (or is It?)

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The Star Inn back Hope Street Salford up for auction

The Star Inn back Hope Street Salford up for auction

It is nearly 30 years since my father and I discovered this pub.  It became a firm favorite of ours and saw many a family celebration.  I’ve not been in for a few years, but I’m going in tonight.  It may be to say goodbye…but  then again it may not be the last time I see this old friend …  You see the pub is up for auction soon.  Whoever buys it will knock it down to build! It’s a real ale pub too.  But it’s not going to be demolished without a fight.  The locals are fighting to save this hidden gem!

In January of this year, the pub won the Neil Richardson Trophy from the Campagne for Real Ale, so it is even more of a mystery how this state of affairs has come about!  The pub does have CAMRA on it’s side though and the locals are putting their money where their mouths are – so ANYTHING can happen!!!

Read what happened to the pub in my update HERE


There are some really good pics of this area (The Star included) HERE

More about the history of the place HERE

Of course, if you are interested in buying a stake in  this historical pub ….HERE’S  where the auctions at!

UPDATE: The Star Inn now has it’s own website

If you would like to join our ;Friends of the Star Inn Salford’ facebook group please click HERE