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My 634 post – All my Yesterdays? well, a few of them

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Beautiful rafaela just one of my many past posts

I thought that I’d do an update as I haven’t done one since my 550th in June.  I am glad that the experiment in cutting down my blog post by posting every few days doesn’t seem to affected my views.  Posting every day (which I managed for a full year) was getting very time-consuming: life  and Bookstains were suffering!

Hogarth another past post (birthday I think)

What I thought I would do for this post is look at some posts going right back: posts that never really got a proper airing in the early days. 

My Bronte bites (must update these with another trip to Haworth)

My blog has changed completely over the a few years – so much added; so many categories.  The book reviews and poetry have had to be accommodated in Bookstains where I’m  hosting poetical challenges based on paintings.  But just for fun and because I’m feeling nostalgic –  here area tiny minute fractionof my early ‘Yesterdays’  Please feel free to comment:-)

Foundation Stones McGuire

A very early post about Irish artist Brian McGuire and why I love his ‘Foundation Stones paintings

Just a tick – just getting the lay of the land(one of my very first blog posts…….


Euphoria Borealis An early painting (and why)

99 cent pop Gursky

Andreas Gursky Go BIG

Hepworth garden

A Cornish Garden of hidden delights (Barbara Hepworth)

unusual ceramics and teapots have features

Teapots (not done any posts on these for a long time) go all political

PS Theres two more entries in the Weeping Woma poetry challenge (including mine) on Bookstains HERE

Art I LOVE Brian McGuire ‘Foundation Stones’

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brian-maguire-Foundation Stones

brian-maguire-Foundation Stones

This painting moved me in a unerving way.  It is a painting by the Irish artist Brian McGuire, and I saw it at the Dublin Art Gallery a few years ago.

The experience is like looking through a long tunnel or corridor type room.  But it is the use of the green and yellow that conveys the feeling of an echo, fluttering like a moth, rebounding off the surface.  The eye has no easy resting place and darts round the picture, instead of taking the easy way out through the tunnel.  There’s a feeling of ‘waiting’: not exactly resignation.  In a sense you feel that these ‘people’ or presences are not really there – and – incidentally is there really a pathway down the corridor?  Is that a person sat in a chair? or indeed, a chair at all with a sheet draped over it?  There is a sense of past inhabitants, passing on, leaving only their ghosts essences behind.  A sort of limbo ensues.

This painting also has a voice.  It echoes down this corridor: one of many voices: snatches of imperceptible conversations all vying for attention.



A few years ago, when the Tate Modern had just opened, another life changing experience occurred, this time in the Francis Bacon gallery.  To see his paintings collectively is an almost psychic experience.  There is such a physical force emanating from these canvasses that is beyond paint.  It is alchemical, the sensation I would also liken to static electricity.

What do these painting have in common?



Frank Auerbach




The answer is not how realistically portrayed the ‘figurative’ or recognisable  the images are – but the immediacy, the direct personal contact and impact these paintings have with me.  But there are differences between these experiences.  Each ‘grabs’ but collectively, Bacon overwhelms.