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Echostains Blog is 1 Year Old Today! My 362nd Post

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one whole year

Yes it’s one year today when I first started my WordPress blog!  So far I have managed to write 362 posts.  The idea was to write one per day, but  it was a while before I discovered being able to schedule these posts.  My aim for the next year is to beat my record!

art is everywhere

What have I blogged about? wittered on about?  Well all sorts – mostly Art.  Art can be found everywhere though!   I didn’t want my blog to be dry academia (succeeded there alright), but neither did I want it to be full of too personal stuff either: outpourings, confessionals.  Rantings? occasionally…. moaning?  trying to keep it down to a minimum.  I also try to steer clear of politics.  I do have views but I think there are too many blogs that focus on political matters.

Branwell Brontes Barbers Tale by Chris Firth next book on my list

I have LOTS of categories!  Including our travels, books I’ve read, TV and films I have watched and of course artist’s birthdays.  I am adding to these.  Those I missed will get an airing soon.  The only criterion for selection is that I do actually happen to like the artist’s work, otherwise it would be a never-ending task, bit like the sorcerers Apprentice filling the buckets…

I have still got more things planned, and when I can work out how to link gallery pics with written pages about artist’s (as in my Altered book) I will do so, as this shall make it tidier.  Many thanks for those who have commented on my blog, it is very much appreciated!  I would like to thank my right and left middle finger for typing…I would like to thank GOD that I still don’t smoke, or I would be dead by now smoking AND typing…….that’s it really!  Cheers!

Time and Tide and Other Old Washing Powders that make Life easier but no Slower

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fruit fantasia, better than the usual Test card eh? and very pretty

Not much of a post today, I’m afraid, just been very busy indeed.   Found a cousin I haven’t seen for about 40 years so we have a lot to catch up on!  There’s not enough hours in the day sometimes – yet other times,it seems to hang heavily.  I have loads to do in the next couple of days so I might not put a great deal on…but then again, I just might (as an escape route).  Still reading the Norman Collins ‘London belongs to me’ book and have got Branwell Bronte’s Barbers Tale’ by Chris Firth lined up after that.  Plus there’s all that clearing out business that I STILL haven’t got round to…oh Deary ME!

Watched: ‘Twenty Thousand Streets under the Sky’ by Patrick Hamilton

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This review has now been transferred to my Bookstains blog here

Watched: ‘Enid’ BBC4

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Fairytale books of many colours: A Phase that has Lasted

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The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, just one I read earlier - a lot earlier

I am the sort of person that if I read something and I like it, and the way that it’s been written, I shall then proceed to read as much as possible by the same author.  So consequently, when I first discovered libraries I read one of the Andrew Lang Fairytale books (can’t remember which colour) which contained many fairytales and carried on until I had exhausted them all.

Sam Pig Alison Uttley

From there I progressed to Folk tales from different countries and this kept me going for a bit.  Other series that I liked reading as a child were the Sam Pig books by Alison Utterly.  I just like the way that these were written and the illustrations.  I read one Sherlock Holmes book and this lead to just having to read them  all.

Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

When I discovered Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (which we had to read in school), I began to realise what ‘literature’ was really about.  Dickens also had the same effect on me, I devoured nearly his books, with varying degrees of enjoyment (though I still haven’t read ‘Edwin Drood’).  This habit  has stayed with me as an adult.  When I saw ‘Tipping the Velvet’ on TV, I decided to read the book, from there I have now read all Sarah Waters books: some are better than others, but I just love they way in which they are written – I like the style.  Having said that, Patrick Hamilton’s books, of which I have enjoyed an extensive one after the other phase, tend to be erratic (the author showing through sometimes too much), enjoyable though

Great-expectations one of my favorites

An author I could not get enough of about 25 years ago was Stephen King.  His works translates fabulously to the screen,  My hubby doesn’t like him, says he has a tendency to waffle on.  I disagree.  When for example, you read something like ‘The Shining’ it’s true that half the book is taken up with describing the hotel – but that’s the genius of King, he builds atmosphere so skillfully.  Then when the ‘hotel’ or scene of the horror is set and is then  so vivid in your imagination  – he just steps right  in and frightens the hell out of you, lol!

Stephen King the shining

Lot’s of writers I could write about: lot of books and writers I am going to write about, lots of books I have read, lots of books I have read and forgotten about. Yet so many books to read – I look forward to that.

What I’m Reading Now, What I Should be Reading Now, and What I’m going to Read

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'Resting' at the moment

Well it’s happened yet again.  I had every good intention  of reading,  a recently excavated book.  I was quite excited about finding it and very much looked forward to reading this forgotten treasure.   I started ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barbers Tale’ by Chris Firth, got into about the first 10 pages, which I must say I wasn’t really concentrating on, to be fair, when all of a sudden  –  this book appeared via husband, who thought it looked  just up my street…

wedlock by Wendy Moore, mine has a white cover

‘Wedlock: How Georgian Britain’s Worst Husband Met his Match’ by Wendy Moore’ is the one I am reading at the moment. This one has taken me a bit to get into.  The research is amazing, but the attention to detail can sometimes be a bit distracting from the pace of the story.  The characters actually existed’: Mary Eleanor Bowes (of the Bowes Lyons family) and Irish soldier/fortune hunter Andrew Robinson Stoney.  The man is an absolute pig with a frighteningly split personality, cunning and  a real wife beater.  I don’t know quite what to make of Mary Eleanor yet.  For such an intelligent educated woman, she was  a poor judge of character (and this is her second bad choice).  However, her romantic streak, impractical and impetuous nature make her more  human, which is more than can be said for her husband.  I am nearly half way through this book  and shall review it  properly when I finish.

Update: The review can be seen HERE

london belongs to me Norman Collins, as yet unread

Another book which was bought me by my Hubby is called ‘London Belongs to Me’ (one of my categories which includes a few posts about a London trip we went on last December).  It’s by Norman Collins, set in 1938 about a lodging house in London.  Sounds very like Patrick Hamilton’s Slaves of Solitude’ which I reviewed HERE

Book Graveyard: They are not Dead, They are only Sleeping

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people stocking up on free books abandoned by Amazon second hand book suppliers Feb 2009 Bristol

Free books!  In February this years people filled their socks  and anything else they had on them with second-hand books from an Amazon abandoned warehouse!  Read the story HERE

Books, books, books!  I have books piled up all over the place.  I have too many books.  I’ve sold some, given  some away, but still I have mountains of books.  I have bookshelves.  But those are filled, so books are crammed into the gaps!  Up in the loft space, I have shelves of books and books stacked up on top of each other.  I once tried to create some kind of order, even catalogue them…but I gave up in the end.  Much as I love books, I couldn’t help admire some of these ideas of about what to do with surplus books.

one page makes you smaller...

I am torn, on the one hand I do think it a bit sacrilegious to deface books, kind of Orwell’s 1984  (says I merrily tearing, painting and snipping away at my altered book…) but on the other hand, look how innovative the Alice in Wonderland one is!  I think that if you are going to deface a book with what looks suspiciously like Tenniel illustrations… remove them first and replace with a photocopy.  Still torn though….. and so is the book..

tea party madness, whatever did they put in the tea?

I rather like the book room though!  No defacing and practical, a cosy little den to read in, surrounded by books.  Of course you would have had to make sure you had already read all the building books: it just wouldn’t do to pull one out would it…

if there was just some way of making a roof..this would be so cosy

I think these framed 3D pieces are lovely.  It’s a good job they are  behind recessed glass. If not, they would collect a lot of dust.   They have collage elements, that remind me of Dada photomontage  artist Hannah Hoch 1889 -1978.  Read about this famous Dada artist and about her place in the Weimar Republic.  Read  a brief history of Photomontage HERE

book carvings

HERE is the website these books came from, along with many other ideas about what to do with your books!  A rather good idea that I came up with is to actually read them!  Innovative eh!