Stone me! Bathbombs, puppets, dribbles and Little Dancers!

Musician,artist and printmaker  Ronnie Wood, who plays with the Rolling Stones (and has also played with The Faces, and the Jeff Beck Group) trained at Ealing Art College. His new exhibition, called ‘Time and Places’ will showcase 100 pieces of his work, including paintings of Jimi Hendrix, Slash and portraits of friends and family.  It shall run 7Continue reading “Stone me! Bathbombs, puppets, dribbles and Little Dancers!”

Watch with……Spectacles

We got our first television on a Wednesday.  How do I remember it was a Wednesday?  Well. I was sent downstairs to fetch something out of the front room.  And lo and behold – there stood a magic television!  It was turned on, and I was mesmerised by what was happening in this little boxContinue reading “Watch with……Spectacles”