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Rough and tumble with Bellows, naughty Beardsley and robbery with violins too!

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Stag at Sharkeys by George Bellows

Belated birthdays  The candles have long been blown out on these artists birthdays, but as a way of catching up with my posts they provide a good excuse to write!  August 11th saw the birthday of American realist artist George Bellows (b 1882 – 1925) (though there seems to be some discrepancy on his August birthdate according to Wikipedia)
George Wesley Bellows attended Ohio State University from 1901 – 1904 . He  played baseball and painted illustrations for magazines whilst studying there.  In  1904 he became a student of Robert Henri at the New York School of Art, became one of Henri’s ‘Eight’ and thus  becoming associated with a group of artists who at that time were painting American  society in a modern down to earth, kitchen sink manner.   This group came to be known as the Ashcan School.

Pennsylvania Station George Bellows

When Henri organised an exhibition featuring mostly urban studies in 1908, Bellows became more interested in pursuing a career as a painter.  He was to prove successful and became very famous and nationally recognised.  His work typically depicts rough working class people and chaos  and have lots of atmosphere.  The artist is mostly known for his boxing scenes which are laden with movement and rough brushstrokes.

The  artist received many commissions from the social elite of New York.  Socially conscious Bellows also became associated with the ‘Lyrical Left’ group of artists.  He taught and contributed drawings and prints to the socialist journal ‘The Masses’. A lot has been written about this interesting artist’s life.  There’s also a wonderful article about him and his work  by Jonathan Jones, The Guardian  here

Earlier in the month it was the British illustrator and writer

Salome by Beardsley

Aubrey Beardsley‘s birthday  (21 August 1872 – 16 March 1898). Heres a link to a previous post I did about Beardsley here   and some lovely art prints from Beardsley.artpassions

stolen pen and ink drawing by Rembrandt

A couple of weeks ago the British newspapers were full of reports about the riots and looting which have gone on in the UK.  In Los Angeles yet another art masterpiece has been looted from a private art exhibit at the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey whilst the curator was distracted by a well planned diversion.  The work is believed to be The Judgement by 17th century Dutch artist Rembrandt Van Rijn is estimated to be worth $250,000.  The good news about the painting is that it has been recovered a few days later in a church in San Fernando Valley after an anonymous tip-off.  Read about it here

But, back to today and today’s birthday is American Dadaist and Surrealist artist Emmanuel Radnitzsky, better known as Manray (b. 1890 – 1970)  The wonderful ManRay trust website can be found here 

An earlier post of mine which celebrates the artist’s birthday can be found here. Manray is esteemed in the art world for his avant-garde photography – especially renown for his fashion and portrait work, though he regarded himself as a painter above all.  Manray is still a very well regarded and influential artist even now.

George Bellows information here

George Bellows Lithographs and drawings can be found here

Stag at Sharkeys image from here

Men of the Docks image from here

Pennsylvania Sstation image from here

Salome image  from here

More Stolen Rembrandt details here

The Judgement drawing from here

Manray Violin from here

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Happy Birthday Aubrey Beardsley!

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Aubrey Beardsley, the man himself

Aubrey Beardsley, the man himself

It’s artist and illustrator  Aubrey Beardsley’s birthday today!  He was born  in Brighton England in 1872 and died    young  of TB in France in 1898.  Although his main body of work only spans 6 years, the work is unmistakable and it is clear that Beardsley had his own highly individualistic style.

Beardsley Excalibur how sir belvedere cast the sword excalibur into the water

Beardsley Excalibur how sir belvedere cast the sword excalibur into the water

He was an art editor for the Yellow Book , an art periodical.  His style is Art Nouveau and is mostly in black ink format, though did illustrate in colour sometimes.  A lot of his drawings have erotic elements, especially his mythology and history themes.

beardsley the slippers of cinderella 1894

beardsley the slippers of cinderella 1894

His drawings are exquisite though.  He illustrated Oscar Wilde’s Salome amongst other historical themes,  He also turned his hand to political satire with his caricatures.  He  was also a writer:as well as his editorial work he also began writing an erotic novel which he wasn’t to finish.

The Peacock Skirt  from Salome by Beardsley





The Peacock Skirt from Salome by Beardsley

He was an eccentric person and liked to reflect the decadence of the period in his work.  He influenced many artists, including the French Symbolists.  For a more detailed look at his life see HERE, and for more of his exquisite drawings………….look HERE

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