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Art I LOVE – Arthur Rackham

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The Three Bears

I was first captivated by the illustrations of Arthur Rackham by reading the Ingoldsby Legends.  As children we weren’t really allowed to read this book because of the dark subject matter (mostly horror poems and stories).   Some of the illustrations were enough to induce nightmares – but all that made it all the more exciting!

Hey up the chimney Lass…Ingoldsby Legends

London born Rackham  (1867 – 1939) illustrated  a great many journals and books.  His style is easily recognised, because he uses muted water colours, his style is imaginative and whimsical and there are always tiny details in the picture which gradually reveal themselves to the viewer, making the work even more enjoyable.

Norns weaving destiny by Rackham for Seigfried’s The ring

Rackham crops up everywhere.  I even came across his illustrations when I was researching the story of ‘The Ring’ by Wagner.  He was a prolific illustrator.  His Victorian style was in keeping with his imaginative readers, full of fun yet exciting too.  He illustrated poems too –   Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti among many.  Rip Van Winkle, Peter Pan – even Alice in Wonderland. When I look back at his illustrations, he recaptures my childhood and fills it with  carefree days of hiding away with  books (forbidden and allowed)  and transports me back to a magical land where the sun always shone and the corners were filled with the darkest shadows.   What a wonderful contribution to childhood!

Hey up the Chimney Lass image from here

The Three Bears the illustration for English fairytales by Flora Annie Steel here

Wonderful images and info here

Rackham gallery here

Ingoldsby Legends: Licensed to Thrill!

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The Ingoldsby Legends

The Ingoldsby Legends

An early memory of mine is reading the Ingoldsby Legends by Thomas Ingoldsby of Tappington Manor (aka Rev, Richard H. Barham).  This thick heavy book was bought second hand from somewhere and I’m not too sure if I’ve still got a version of it around.   This book always seemed to be shrouded in mystery, even though the verse and prose is ‘humerous’.  As children,we weren’t really supposed to read it the illustrations were considered far too frightening.

imagination is very powerful

imagination is very powerful

So we read it. ,,,, well gasped at the pictures And it was frightening! and we did have nightmares!  But the illustrations by Arthur Rackham  and George Cruickshank , amongst others, are haunting and quite enchanting…with just that hint of menace lol!  I don’t remember too much of the rhymes, (apart from the Jackdaw of Rheims) only the illustrations.  I don’t even know what has made me remember this (probably too much ‘Antiques Road show’ I suspect).  I had a lot of second hand books when I was growing up.  I only wish I had them all now, not only would I enjoy reading them again, I would be worth a fortune lol!

the dead drummer of salisbury plain illustration by george cruickshank

the dead drummer of salisbury plain illustration by george cruickshank

Read the Ingoldsby legends online HERE

Dark days Box me in and Drive me round the Pole

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pandoras-box-arthur-rackham...try looking in the bottom of the box

pandoras-box-arthur-rackham...try looking in the bottom of the box

Some days are depressing, and this has been one of them.  Only I can’t quite put my finger on WHY it has been depressing.  I guess some days are naturally dark, like some are light.  Perhaps its like this in the North Pole with the short days (perhaps I’m going round the pole, or round the bend).  A kind of apathy seems to have set in today.  I have loads to do, but everything I touch today seems to have something wrong with it, slowing me down, frustrating my every move.  I can only hope I’m in a better place tomorrow.

And another thing, WHY is there yet again another Friday 13th?  Not that I’m superstitious….oh no