The Fools day out – again

  It’s April Fools Day again as you will know when someone plays a ‘prank’ on you which you don’t find funny but have to laugh at otherwise you will be a bad sport……  I had a look at what I had written about this ‘hilarious’ day last year, and got a bit of aContinue reading “The Fools day out – again”

Fools rush in after 12pm…… and then feel a bit foolish

  the poor fool! It’s April Fools day today (in case you didn’t know), if you didn’t then you’ve most probably been fooled already.   I used to  love this day when I was  a child.  I was told though that April Fools day  officially ended at 12 PM. noon and any trick that was played after thatContinue reading “Fools rush in after 12pm…… and then feel a bit foolish”