Electric Figures in the Landscape

  I do like seeing figures in the landscape – these monuments. When Antony Gormley built his Angel of the North there was outcry at first.  But that statue has become part of the landscape and is a welcoming sight to travellers.  The material the artist used has aged and giving the statue  a lovely patina. But what about theContinue reading “Electric Figures in the Landscape”

Nights (and Days) on the Toon (Newcastle) Sculpture

There are many pieces of interesting sculpture around Newcastle.  Antony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’  (completed 1998) welcomes you, standing tall on the A1 and the A157  road Gateshead.  Unfortunately for us we were on the wrong side coming, and the road was diverted away from the sculpture coming back ggggrrr!  We would have likedContinue reading “Nights (and Days) on the Toon (Newcastle) Sculpture”