Like a Beer Tray in the Bar

I have always been interested in metal. All things made of metal, enamelled metal, iron, tins, heavy metal. I started out collecting tins – and this is where my other collecting interest (old advertising) converged. I started out with advertising tins like ‘Oxo’ and progressed onto biscuit tins. From biscuit tins, came enamelled advertising signs.Continue reading “Like a Beer Tray in the Bar”

Spread em

Someone once told me that Marmite was made of what was left when ale had been brewed – the leftover yeast.  They said that some was kept and rest was sold on as marmite.  Don’t know if this is true though.  Yes it is!  Just found it in Wikipedia. I think it’s good for you, Continue reading “Spread em”

Living in the Past: Chocs I have Loved (and Lost)

Someone told my daughter the other day that you used to be able to buy Cadbury’s Milk Tray in a block.  She didn’t believe them – until she asked me.   I used to spend my pocket money on those bars!   Apart from Cadbury’s being  the most fantastically, gorgeous tasting milk chocolate in the whole wide world, youContinue reading “Living in the Past: Chocs I have Loved (and Lost)”

Hovis stands still as time marches on…and on

I love that new Hovis advert!  You know the one? where the lad races through time to deliver the Hovis?  I like the way the ad gets across that the world has changed (since Hovis was first invented) BUT Hovis has stayed the same.  I like the sense of continuity.  Continuity makes me feel secure. Continue reading “Hovis stands still as time marches on…and on”