Brown Paper Packages tied up with String, What Would William Morris say?

I find writing my blog such a locupletative* experience.  I’m never really stuck for something to write about, well perhaps sometimes….   I’m always squirreling away designs, interesting websites and information.  I used to do this with fabric too.  I had loads of beautiful fabric pieces put away, always meaning to do something with them, but somehow, IContinue reading “Brown Paper Packages tied up with String, What Would William Morris say?”

A sense of Recently

Just a quick one tonight as I’m working: more of a kind of summing up really.  The Star inn project has started, we will need more help, but I think there’s a lot of goodwill around and although it’s only the first day, they have accomplished quite a bit. I’m a Twitterer now!  Again, it’s earlyContinue reading “A sense of Recently”

Locupletative Words, Speak for themselves!

I’m so excited!  I’ve adopted a word!  Yes a WORD, a real word!  This word wasn’t my first word choice.  I got diverted, wandered away and I couldn’t find it again.  However, I found another one.  The word, in case you haven’t already guessed is the adjective ‘Locupletative’ which means ‘tending to enrich’, and I’m hopingContinue reading “Locupletative Words, Speak for themselves!”