Weird and Wacky Design: Clown Jewels? or Treasure Trove?

There are some weird and wacky jewelry designs around at the moment.  One mans treasure is another mans….well WHAT exactly? and all that Or these Dead mans hands bracelets?  Could they have based them upon the  legendary  Hand of Glory?  These were hands cut off hanged men, dried and kept as memento’s.  Read about themContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Clown Jewels? or Treasure Trove?”

Weird and Whacky Design: These boots were made for Shopping?

 There seems to be quite a lot of weird and whacky bags around.This innovative little number doubles up as a boot……. surely you would need two?  Still, it’s a fun idea from Azumi and David A N D There’s something distinctly fishy about this bag though.  Is that goldfish alive or dead? This one getsContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Design: These boots were made for Shopping?”

Weird and Whacky Design: Curiouser and Curiouser…

I came across this metalworking artist the other day and was really taken with her designs! Her name is  Miel Margarita Paredes and she works in a variety of metals, including brass and copper. But not as much as this… can’t think why no one else has ever come up with it……   She makes strangeContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Design: Curiouser and Curiouser…”

Weird and Whacky Design: Sofa – So Weird?

I came across this er, rather unusual sofa. What WERE they thinking of? Perhaps this?   This is a funerary bed found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.  Carter thought the animal heads were those of lions at first, but later decided that they were cheetahs.  More info HERE   This was the one that caught Carter’s eyeContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Design: Sofa – So Weird?”

221st Post! Better Late than Never

I meant to celebrate my 220th post yesterday, but I’d already scheduled the handbags.  I ‘ve introduced a new category called ‘Weird and Whacky Designs’ which will include anything  from furniture to clothes. There  seems to be a lot of artists birthdays coming up this month.  There are 3 on some days!  I will goContinue reading “221st Post! Better Late than Never”

Weird and Whacky Designs: Handbags at Dawn?

It’s amazing how innovative handbags have become now.  Some of them are quite disturbing, like this decapitated head one.  How weird is this?  there is something quite Medieval about it….. And what about this ugly toad one?  I wonder if it turns into a handsome prince at midnight?………… one can only wish! I quite likeContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Designs: Handbags at Dawn?”