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Weird and Wacky design – Paper apartments? now with pictures

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People are always wallpapering their apartments, there’s nothing unusual about that.  Artist Don Lucho however has gone one step further, he has actually made a whole apartment out of paper and cardboard! 

 He has even made a paper car to park outside his paper building.

Don Lucho paper car


a paper loo how does this work?


The paper and cardboard are all recycled of course.  I am astounded at how creative this artist has been with these materials!   There are some wonderful pictures, like the inside of the bedroom, complete with trainers on the floor. 

inside the bedroom

 Such fun and so innovative and inventive – I bet the artist had great fun planning it out and making it:) 

I am reminded of a story I once read as a child.  It was about a little girl who was sick and had to spend a lot of time in bed.  Everything she drew became real.  I can’t remember what it was called or be positive the dreamer was a girl.  Does anyone remember this tale?

Not for smokers of course

Lots more pics to enjoy from Don Lucho’s photo stream  here

PS   Apologies to those who saw this post WITHOUT images!  I wrote the post, scheduled it, meaning to insert the images…. have only just looked at it sorry:)


Weird and Wacky Design – Strange Vessels

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lei xue


As anyone who reads this blog knows by now, I like unusually designed objects – preferably made from unusual media.   So I was intrigued to discover these beer cans made from china!  These exquisite Chinese porcelain vessels – have even been crushed to resemble aluminium beer cans.  But who in their right mind would want to throw these away (though you could recycle the porcelain).  Made by  artist Lei Xue, these cans are actually teacups!  



This Celtic skull vessel is rather unusual.  Adorned with Celtic knot work, the top of the skull comes off and there is an inner compartment which you can fill ….with whatever.  I wonder where this idea came from?  Did the Celts drink from real skulls?  From  here 

Ed Kirsner Corning Store Four

There’s a gallery of breathtaking glass vessels here.   A wonderful glass collection from Kentucky artists.  this one is by artist Ken quite transfixed me.  It looks like a strange exotic conjuring trick, full of esoteric magic.  I would never get tired of gazing upon it. 

Beer can pic from here 

Taking the air – Balloons

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Ronald MacDonald

I posted some colourful air balloons on here a while ago which seemed quite popular, so here’s some more.  I have never been lucky enough to see any of these.  The only ones I have seen have always had advertising on.  It must be quite surreal to look up into the sky and see a cow floating by!

the cow jumped over the ...sun

I think the Ronald McDonald balloon is rather scary!  I’m not keen on clowns anyway.    But I think some children could be quite frightened seeing this huge fellow looming over them!  I really like the dragonfly balloon though – very graceful and colourful.  It’s from the  11th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2007.

spectacular dragonfly

Cow and Mcdonald from here

Dragonfly image from here

Weird and Wacky design Soapy works of art

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starry night soap

Everyone has seen soap  in the shape of fruit  and flowers and even animals, but I have noticed that there is some quite unusual soap floating’ around the net.  Gone is the old soap on a rope.  Soap has  gone all artistic – like this Starry Night, hyacinth scented vegan soap from Art Attack!  I like it because each bar is  made individually.

almost Lalique!

There are some great soaps on this site and the venus soap is one of them. It seems a shame to use it really! I really  like these beautiful lace like soap that look like Lalique glass!  Some wonderful soaps here to make you gasp!

almost Lalique!

Soap is such a malleable compound – ideal for carving intricate patterns and designs as well as  being a smooth surface  to paint upon and to decorate.  These soap sculptures are works of art in themselves – just delightful!  See more of them here.

Weird and Wacky Design: Papering over the cracks

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you get the idea?

Everyone at some time or other has made paper mache, either at home or at school.  We tore the paper into strips of bits and mixed with paste or even water.  Sometimes we pasted these strips onto plastic bowls and tried to prise the bowls off without breaking the paper mache shell!  Some people have agone a bit further with paper mache though – by making furniture out of it, like this armchair by Majid Asif.  The chair is built up in layers over an inflatable mold. 

Majid Asif armchair

Majid Asif armchair

Paper mache has never been more imaginative.  As a medium it has come on in leaps and bounds as artist Erika Takacs blog shows!  Some of the sculpture made of paper mache is amazing and very thought provoking.

Evolution paper mache sculpture

 I don’t know how on earth they get the paper mache so smooth, but this video shows an artist making a rather scarey fish called a ‘fishwichwich’ – amazing how he gets the sharp teeth, reminds me of a sea urchin.  The artist is DanMonsterMan and a lot of his videos can be seen here

Paper mache face mask image from here

Weird and Wacky Andre Perugia – Strange shoes

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Andre Perugia 1920s shoes

We’ve not had any strange shoes for quite a while – so here’s  some new ones I found recently.  Incidently I had half an inch taken off some heels of mine recently.  It may be only half an inch, but they difference this makes to actually being able to walk in these shoes is amazing:)

Andre Perugia homage to Picasso sandel

French shoe designer Andre Perugia  (1893 -1977) is a designer I’ve only just discovered and already I am very much intrigued by these designs.  He worked with many top designers including Hubert De Givenchy.  The shoe above is called ‘Homage to Picasso’, and I think I can see the artist’s  iconic Dove of peace’s influence at work here.

picasso dove of peace

This heelless shoe is not for those who are scared of heights!  If you want to experience what it’s like to be a ballerina and walk on points – then these must have been ideal!

andre perugia heeless shoe

There’s something fishy about these shoes 😉  What a strange subject matter – even though the leather fish is beautifully designed and worked.  There are lots more of this designers quirky shoe styles  here

Andre Perugia fish

Biography and wonderful rare images here

Beautiful bygone fashion site here (1920s she image)

Picasso shoe from here

Fish shoe image here

Heeless shoe image from here

Weird and Wacky: cool cruets

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strange ant cruet set

I used to collect cruets.  I had some shaped like fruit, peppers even bags of flour.  Cruets have got a lot more innovative and adventurous since I started collecting.  These ant ones can be used on a picnic.  Somehow, I don’t think the real ants would come anywhere near if these saw these giants  ant watchdogs 🙂

This unusual ring from Chao & Eero Jewel is known as a Spiced lady ring.  Not only is it a piece of jewelry, it can hold spices or salt, pepper to be added to food as you cook.  There’s a touch of the Lucrezia Borgia about this I think.  What fun though 🙂

ever ready cruet set

These ‘batteries’ are also a  cruet set.  They are known as Salt and Pepper Cell and are exactly like a D size  battery  in dimension.  They are made of stainless steel and glass with power indicators on the side  tell you about how much spice you have left before its time to refill.  Available in Red and Turquoise and Black and White.  Different!

The ant cruet from here (and others)

The spiced lady ring link is here

Battery cruet link here