Teapots: Stairway to Teapot Heaven

Just a quick little post tonight.  I came across this stairway made of teapots!   Well, it’s not just teapots it’s made of, there are many chards of pottery and ceramics in the mix. Also by the same person, this  colourful ‘Woodland couple’.  I love the simplicity and the country inspired  glazes of this sort ofContinue reading “Teapots: Stairway to Teapot Heaven”

Teapots: From Wild Goat to He Goat: From Dada to Goya

 This strange , organic teapot really captured my imagination . This Raku ceramic, called  ‘Wild Goat teapot – Homage to Paul Soldner’  is by Nina de Creeft Ward from The Beatrice Wood Centre for the Arts.  I don’t know who Paul Soldner is, I just hope he was pleased with the wild goat reference!  This teapot reminded me ofContinue reading “Teapots: From Wild Goat to He Goat: From Dada to Goya”

Take a Tea Break:Tea Runs Rings around Me

I’ve not put any teapots on my blog for a while.  I have been looking at them though and found several new interesting ones.  This teapot with six ring infinity is more of a teapot metaphor than an actual teapot.   I love the indulating way the ceramic snakes and meanders, tracing the shape.  Sherman exploresContinue reading “Take a Tea Break:Tea Runs Rings around Me”

300 Posts and Still Celebrating!

Let the celebrations continue – that’s what I say!  Amongst my categories are ‘Potty about Teapots’, this is where I try to find unusual teapots that have particularly unusual and aesthetically pleasing designs (in my opinion), or they are made from unusual materials.  ‘Bronte Bites’ are little snippets about the Bronte’s that I find interesting. Continue reading “300 Posts and Still Celebrating!”


Yes that’s right!  This is my 300th post since I began blogging on 28th November 2008!  What on earth have I found to blog  about every day? (well very nearly every day).  Well some days lots and other days, not so much.  But I have got into a routine now and I don’t want to spoilContinue reading “My 300th Post! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Its Time for a Teapot or Two..or Three (again)

I am absolutley FUMING!  I have just typed quite a bit about 3 teapots and they have disappeared!  When I pressed the preview, all I got was the title!  The images had gone, the words had gone and I’m nearly gone (off my head!)  How frustrating is that?  Second try….. Tension Tamer Teapot Tote IreneContinue reading “Its Time for a Teapot or Two..or Three (again)”

Tea Shall be Served…When the Fat Lady Sings

I was rather taken with this unusual teapot by ceramicist Robbie Bell.  It’s called ‘When the Fat Lady sings’ from ‘The Speckled Dog’ Pottery’.  I love the colours that have been used here, they’re fresh,  frothy and whimsical, nodding at nostalgic, yet contemporary with a hint of fun!  You can tell that the Fat lady lovesContinue reading “Tea Shall be Served…When the Fat Lady Sings”