Sculpture in the sands

A very short post tonight or I shall never get this out on time.  I’ts a little video I found featuring more sand sculpture.  this time its a time lapse sand sculpture by artist Ballabh Mohapatra from Orrisa on Juhu Beach Mumbai  he makes it all seem so easy – but of course it isn’t. Continue reading “Sculpture in the sands”

My 500th post

It’s not really my 500th post – that was yesterday, but I wanted to commemorate the Titanic.  I have been playing around with WordPress’ slide show tutorial and I thought what could be more fitting than to try to make a slide show of some of the items I have featured on my blog so far.  Starting inContinue reading “My 500th post”

Tiny Worlds between heartbeats

A gruelling week begins.  Courses to go on.  Course which take up most of the day.  After the course, which will end around 8PM, I shall be off with my husband for a bite to eat and a few drinks.  So if the posts for the next few days are rather short – that’s the reason whyContinue reading “Tiny Worlds between heartbeats”

The Fools day out – again

  It’s April Fools Day again as you will know when someone plays a ‘prank’ on you which you don’t find funny but have to laugh at otherwise you will be a bad sport……  I had a look at what I had written about this ‘hilarious’ day last year, and got a bit of aContinue reading “The Fools day out – again”

Liverpool statues and St Patrick’s Day revelry

We’ve been out to Liverpool today to meet  a person I never met before.  She is a relative of mine and we found each other on Genesreunited.  It was great to meet and pool together what we had found out about our family tree. The weather wasn’t bad at all in Liverpool and the people were out inContinue reading “Liverpool statues and St Patrick’s Day revelry”

Whispering, ringing rustling and singing sculpture

This ringing singing tree was designed by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu and overlooks Burnley Lancashire,  As the wind whistles through the galvanised steel pipes, the tree ‘sings’ – what a lovely idea! Artists Gilbert and George became living sculptures in 1969.   It is common place to see this now, though Gilbert and George actuallyContinue reading “Whispering, ringing rustling and singing sculpture”

And so castles made of sand……

    …..fall  in the sea – eventually (Jimi Hendrix).   I think that you would need more than a small bucket and spade to make these fabulous sand sculptures.  Like the ice sculptures which I featured the other week, I like the non permanency of these.  Here today – gone tomorrow.  Not everything is made toContinue reading “And so castles made of sand……”

Melt in the mouth sculpture

     Sculptures come in all forms of media, not just stone wood and metal.  In Thailand, sculpting edible foodstuffs is an art form and enhances the table.  Butter sculpture is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition, used to celebrate  religious ceremonies and  the Tibetan New Year.  In North america it goes back to the 19th century and Continue reading “Melt in the mouth sculpture”