Art I LOVE Maggi Hambling (A W.A.R. Post)

W.A.R.? What is it good for? – absolutely nothing.

W.A.R. what does it stand for? – Worth A Reblog!

I’ve always loved the art of Maggie Hambling.  I’m a big fan of painterly, expressionistic art – words which aptly describe this artists work. 

Maggie Hambling

Hambling studied East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing from 1960, under the tutelage of Cedric Morris and then at the Ipswich school of Art (1962 – 64).  She then went to Camberwell  (1964 -1967) graduating at the Slade School of Art in 1969.

Max Wall by Maggi Hambling

Though known mainly for her portraiture – a lot  were in the National Gallery where she became the first artist in residence in 1980 and did a series of portraits of the comedienne Max Wall.   

She  has also created sculpture including : Memorial to Oscar Wilde London and Scallop,  an interlocking steel sculpture on Alderburgh beach, dedicated to the composer Benjamin Britten  The sculpture itself was made by a local foundry and copied from a 4 inch model supplied by the artist.   The sculpture has created a lot of controversy – some say it enhances the view of the sea, others say it blocks the sea out.  The sculpture has been vandalised a few times too.  Hambling herself calls it a conversation piece – a conversation with the sea;-

“An important part of my concept is that at the centre of the sculpture, where the sound of the waves and the winds are focused, a visitor may sit and contemplate the mysterious power of the sea,”

The Scallop by Maggi Hambling

Hambling’s subjects include a lot of Gay people including George Melly, Stephen Fry and Quentin Crisp. 

George Melly drawing

From the 1980s Hambling turned mainly to landscapes and recently seascapes.  Her work has become  a lot more abstract and in 1995 she received an OBE for her services to painting and appointed a CBE in the new years Honours list in 2010.

George Hambling

 Quote from here

Information about the artist – start here

Wonderful interview which really reveals the personality of the artist here  What a character 🙂

Ghost of George Singing

Max Wall image from here  Scallop image here  Melly drawing from here George Always here, Ghost of George singing here, Archie MacDonald here  Francis Bacon image from here  Hambling photo here

Francis Bacon by Hambling

Hambling’s website

The short video shows extracts of her work in her studio. Video by shabboleth Thanks!

Archie MacDonald 1981 Hambling

14 thoughts on “Art I LOVE Maggi Hambling (A W.A.R. Post)

  1. Oh My! Thank-you, Lynda! I had never heard of her. This is wonderful! My favorite post so far and she’s fantastic! I could lose myself in her work! This is why I come here………. Love her line, her color, her energy and her wisdom!

    1. Leslie I absolutely KNEW you’d like her 🙂 I was thinking yeasterday when we were talking about Kokoschka and I thought ‘now who else can I put on that I REALLY like and haven’t featured?’
      I love the energy of this woman and her vitality and also her approach towards art! She’s also a wonderful colourful character who so obviously enjoys what she does!

      I am so happy she’s made yet another fan 😀

  2. I haven’t come across her work before, but it’s very interesting. Many thanks for the introduction!

  3. What a find! I never heard of her, but the work is so powerful and expressive! Nicely done post too!

  4. Maggie Hambling’s work is fascinating. I’d like her to do a series of portraits on people with tics and parkinson’s, and not the sea and cormorants. But perhaps she’s hurt and lost and frightened of falling in love again. I particularly liked her blind boxer picture at the Hepworth in Wakefield. Vulnerability is her strength.

    1. I agree Elly, vulnerability is one of her great strengths – the painting of Charlie Abrew is a great example of this. I really wish I had used this image in my post now.

  5. I think there are probably many of her paintings you’d have liked to have put in here, you’ve made a choice of what you like best, which is cool. I know I said earlier that I like her portraits best, I do think her waves are powerful; one encounter would wipe you out and send you to a watery grave.

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