New Random Art An A-Z ‘A’

Random art – An A-Z

Alphabetical Random Artists. The aim is to feature one for each letter of the alphabet. This is not only to expand my knowledge – but to get me back into blogging more regularly.

My method will be to choose alphabetically 3 at random, look at them all and pick the one that inspires or intrigues me the most.

The artists chosen randomly today are

Werner Andermatt (Swiss)

Marie Angel British Illustrator

Michael Andrews British London

Preference: Michael Andrews

Born 30th October 1928 Norwich, UK

Died 19th July 1995 London Uk

1958 – 1963 Slade School of fine art

From 1958 he taught at the Slade and Chelsea school of Art. His style is Post War Modernist, combining figuration and abstraction. His brushwork, thick and dense. His artist contemporaries include London School Bacon, Freud and Auerbach. His subject matter flits from decadent party scenes to landscapes and water.

1958 ‘A Man Who Suddenly Fell Over‘ was acquired by The Tate Gallery

This painting (oils on hardboard) was painted at a time when the artist himself was facing a period of uncertainty. The piece was painted for his Diploma Examination, shortly before he left The Slade

According to Andrews, the cheerful expression on the face of the man, hides his embarrassment of falling down. The upsetting of the man’s equilibrium and his quick attempt at recovery of dignity is seen as he tries to conceal his hurt/upset.

Who hasn’t slipped on ice and tried to incorporate it into their walking gait through embarrassment … I know that I have😄

There is a lot more to this fascinating artist:

Image Here

More Here

More information about Micheal Andrews here


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