Like a Beer Tray in the Bar

I have always been interested in metal. All things made of metal, enamelled metal, iron, tins, heavy metal.

I started out collecting tins – and this is where my other collecting interest (old advertising) converged. I started out with advertising tins like ‘Oxo’ and progressed onto biscuit tins.


From biscuit tins, came enamelled advertising signs. I collected a few of these until they became too popular and the prices shot up.


Then in an oasis of calm, came a new passion – old beer advertising trays! These again, combine the best of both worlds – metal and advertising. Some of these trays have fascinating history. I am particularly enamoured with the small water trays at the moment.

We now have so many trays we have had to put some on the ceiling of our home bar. I just love the idea of these trays in bustling pubs, some long gone along with the waiters who used them and the people they served.

A natural progression has now been made to Beermats (notice how the advertising medium is getting smaller and less expensive… and take up less space).

I shall be doing a series about these old beer/bar trays and brief histories of their breweries.

Thanks for images Stevello57


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